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TikTok star Waffler69 has died aged 33

TikTok star Waffler69 has died aged 33

The social media star, known for eating lots of fast food, has died.

The TikTok star Waffler69 has died aged 33, it has been confirmed.

His brother, Clayton, confirmed the sad news in a TikTok shared today (12 January), who believes Waffler69 - real name Taylor - died of a heart attack.

In a video shared to his 23,000 followers, Clayton said: “He passed away around 10pm on January 11th 2023 of a presumed heart attack.

“He was rushed to the hospital and I wanna say like an hour, an hour and a half later he passed away.

Now this is still pretty new, I don’t know what’s gonna be happening in the near future with ay of that, but I thought I should get on TikTok and let everybody know.

“So please keep his legacy alive, watch his content that he does have out.

"Keep him alive. He loved making people happy. I will see you guys in the next one, thank you.”

The beloved social media star has died.

Taylor established a huge following on TikTok, with 1.7 million followers and 328 million likes, and entertained the masses by sharing fun clips of himself eating nostalgic foods.

The social media star often put his wild meals on top of a VHS tape for an extra trip down memory lane.

But Taylor wasn’t new to social media fame, as he had been sharing content on YouTube for the past 16 years and also managed to gain an audience on Instagram, where he has over 105,000 followers.

His final TikTok post was shared earlier this week, in which he ate a bowl of Big Fruit Loop cereal on top of a Max Keeble’s Big Movie VHS.

Fans are now sharing their condolences in the comments section. “R.I.P. you will be missed waffler69!!”

Waffler69's death was confirmed by his brother today.

Another fan shared: “I’m so sad rn crying at work. R.I.P. @waffler69 your spirit and energy was unmatched and you will be severely missed.”

A third penned: “I’m so glad you shared your joyful energy with us. You will be missed by me and so many. Rest easy.”

A fourth commented: “Wow this is unreal. Rest easy. I always loved watching you. You spread so much happiness and much laughter to all. Rest easy.”

Clayton told TMZ that his brother – who lived in Louisiana - had experienced discomfort and was rushed to the hospital when he started feeling worse. He died at the hospital.

Taylor’s dad and grandfather suffered from genetic heart problems.

Featured Image Credit: @waffler69/TikTok

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