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TikToker sparks debate after opening up on getting vasectomy aged 22
Featured Image Credit: @gthewarlock

TikToker sparks debate after opening up on getting vasectomy aged 22

They urged others to do the same if they don't want 'any ankle biters'

A TikToker has sparked a debate after suggesting men should get vasectomies. See what he has to say:

@gthewarlock, from Queensland, Australia, said he doesn't plan on having children anytime soon.

And in a post to their channel, the 22-year-old told their followers that if they don't want 'any ankle biters', they should think about undergoing the op.

A vasectomy involves the sperm being blocked from reaching the semen before ejaculation.

@gthewarlock explained that he went to his doctor to discuss the procedure and was told that he was too young for it, but he decided to go through with it anyway.

Discussing the procedure with their followers, @gthewarlock said: "You know what, if you produce sperm you should think about doing it as well. So for all the Aussies that don't want a little ankle biter, listen up.

@GTheWarlock underwent a vasectomy.

"It cost me a $100 deposit and then it was $650 out of pocket, but in saying that I got a $240 rebate, which is almost a third of the cost.

"The procedure itself took less than 45 minutes. The consultation and paperwork took less than 10 minutes. Obviously I'm not going to push myself too hard but I feel perfectly fine and it happened 10 minutes ago. 

"If there is going to be any issues it will happen within the next two to three months. They give you a little vial to put your sample in and that will let you know after three months if you've got any viable sperm left in your canal."

Since the post was shared, it has been viewed more than 700,000 times with people divided on whether or not they think it's wise to get a vasectomy.

One user said: "We LOVE a responsible king! Long acting birth control is ROUGH for women so this is a big yes."

While another commented: "Still risky if you want to have kids one day. Only a 75 percent chance reversal will be successful and you'll have kids."

In a follow up video, @gthewarlock said it felt to them like a more convenient form of birth control.

He said: "I don't really want kids to be honest. And if I do there is always that chance I can get it reversed and if not, I can adopt a kid.

He urged others to do the same if they don't want any 'ankle biters'.

"Other forms of birth control lead to stealthing, with a condom, or if you're on the pill or the bar or IUD you're probably going to have to deal with hormonal things which isn't something that bothers men but it's going to bother most of their partners if they're straight."

@gthewarlock added that he did encounter a few problems while trying to get the op, though, with specialists not keen on it.

He said: "I had lots of GPs telling me I'm too young, it was a waste of money or I'd regret it. So I went to a specific vasectomy clinic.

"The medical field has heaps to improve on and it has so much ingrained misogyny. I highly encourage discourse. I think it's ridiculous you can't get a hysterectomy because people think you 'might want to have kids'.

"It's one of the reasons I'm pushing for those who produce sperm to step up to the plate."

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