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Fans emotional over Super Bowl ad showing real-life NFL 'Taylor Swift effect'
Featured Image Credit: Cetaphil US/Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Fans emotional over Super Bowl ad showing real-life NFL 'Taylor Swift effect'

The advert shows a father and daughter connecting over the Super Bowl

A commercial has gotten fans of the Super Bowl and Taylor Swift emotional online after showing the relationship between a father and daughter.

Fans of Swift and the NFL have found themselves coming closer together than might have been expected in the wake of the romance between Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce.

The romance, and its extensive media coverage, has led to an unlikely new wave of NFL fans as Swifties saw their favourite singer enjoying watching Kelce play.

And one Super Bowl commercial has capitalized on the new wave of fans with a short clip designed to tug at the heart-strings of viewers.

The video shows the relationship between a father and daughter and how it changes as the pair start to bond over the Super Bowl, in between the daughter applying her skincare to show off the product from Cetaphil.

In the advert, a father and daughter can be seen interacting without ever actually speaking.

At the start, the dad seems to be trying to get his daughter to come and watch the game with him, but she's not interested.

The advert follows a father and daughter.
YouTube / Cetaphil US

However, as the video progresses, the tone becomes warmer as the daughter is given a jersey by her dad.

Eventually, she joins him on the sofa and the pair cuddle up and watch the game together.

The video, called Game Time Glow, comes after fathers found themselves bonding with their daughters over football following Swift's romance with Kelce.

Many young Swifties who may not otherwise have been interested in football have been drawn to the game, in a phenomenon which has become known as the 'Taylor Swift Effect'.

Fans have reacted with a lot of emotion to the marketing campaign, which it turns out features a real father and daughter.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating.
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Many people took to social media to share their emotional reaction to the advert.

One person tweeted: "As the daughter of a football coach and a diehard Swiftie, I adore this."

Another shared how it was indeed Swift who got them into football after she began talking about it more. They wrote: "I’m not exaggerating when I say I got into football too cause is Taylor and my brother, who loves football, loves talking to me about it now because I never had interest before."

Others shared how the video had made them emotional.

"Not crying, there is something in my eye", one wrote, while another said: "Crying over the fact that these two are actual father and daughter."

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