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Angry man banned from golf course after ripping off shirt and screaming at golfers

Angry man banned from golf course after ripping off shirt and screaming at golfers

The golfer challenged others to a fight and said his body had been to heaven.

A man has been permanently banned from a US golf course after he got into a fiery argument with fellow players.

Footage has gone viral of the moment John Reeb took things to another level while on Crooked Creek Golf Course in Ottawa Lake, Michigan.

The 41-year-old appeared to have taken another player's golf ball and an all-out standoff broke out.

They traded a war of words back and forth and Reeb told them to leave if they didn't like what he was doing.

“You took her ball!” one person exclaimed.

Another added: "Dude, I’m not going to fight you over a f***ing golf ball."

Then Reeb lobbed this threat to one of the players, saying: "You’re right, you’re not going to, Walter, because I’ll plant you, b***h boy.

“Now get the f*** off the cart!"

He then took off his green shirt and started flexing in front of his opponents.

"You see that?!" he screamed. "“This is a man that’s been to if you wanna test God then come and get it s**tstack!”

The people filming the viral video were worried he was suffering mental health issues and promptly left.

According to TMZ, Reeb was then confronted by the general manager of the facility, Heather Ryan, who kicked him off the course.

He's since been banned from the Crooked Creek course as well as the Cherrywood Golf Club.

A friend of John's told the Daily Mail that the seems out of character in the clip.

"I saw the video, and I believe he was provoked. I’ve golfed with him, he was a good player when we were in high school. He wasn’t like that high school, it was a surprise to me. Clearly, he is having some issues.

"He played off a six [handicap], I’ve never seen someone hit a three wood as far as he could. I believe he also worked as a groundskeeper at a golf course.'

"He’s clearly dealing with something, which hurt me when I saw the video."

Hopefully – at some point – the ridiculousness of the situation dawned upon him, and he’ll remember this incident next time he gets seriously bent out of shape on the golf course.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kennethdavis8680

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