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True crime fanatic murdered someone she met online to see what it would be like, police say

True crime fanatic murdered someone she met online to see what it would be like, police say

A true crime fanatic in South Korea murdered a person after planning to create the 'perfect crime' for the past three months.

A woman obsessed with true crime books and TV shows spent months plotting the perfect murder 'out of curiosity', according to police.

Jung Yoo-jung, 23, from Busan, South Korea, was arrested on suspicion of killing and dismembering a woman she'd found online.

Police says she was obsessed with true crime TV shows and books and wanted to experience murder first-hand.

During the time of investigation, it was found Jung had borrowed crime books from a library and had been searching for ways to hide a body online three months prior to the tragedy.

Jung Yoo-jung has been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Busan police

After being arrested in the city of Busan on Wednesday 31 May, police say Jung confessed and was shortly indicted for the victim’s murder on Friday.

A police spokesperson said: "Jung was found to have premeditated the crime driven by a desire to kill someone after she became obsessed with murder from TV programs and books.

"Jung also said she feels sorry for what she did. We are conducting tests to see if she is a psychopath.

"Jung was a loner and a recluse who has been unemployed since graduating from high school five years ago."

Jung initially claimed the murder was a result of an argument with the victim, but later admitted this wasn't the case.

After it was clear that Jung had an unhealthy obsession with true crime, her phone was investigated to reveal an extensive search history spanning back three months containing information on how to hide a corpse.

She then allegedly searched for a murder victim online, using an app that connects private tutors to parents.

Jung murdered a woman to know what it felt like.
David von Diemar / Unsplash

After selecting her victim, Jung is then said to have contacted the woman two days before the killing and posed as a mother of a child so that she could arrange to meet at the victim's home.

On the day of the crime, Jung allegedly visited the victim’s home disguised as a student by wearing a school uniform she had found online. Once she entered the home, police believe she stabbed the victim to death.

Jung is then said to have dismembered the body, disposing of some parts inside of a suitcase and leaving it in the woods.

The remaining body parts were reportedly left in Jung’s home, while she kept the victim’s mobile phone, wallet and ID card to hide her identity.

After trying to commit the perfect crime, Jung’s plans were foiled after the taxi driver who took her to the site of the body disposal alerted the police.

Featured Image Credit: Busan Police / Amanda Ahn / Alamy

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