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Influencer responds to criticism over 'sickening' outfit she wore to Taylor Swift concert
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@karinairby

Influencer responds to criticism over 'sickening' outfit she wore to Taylor Swift concert

The Swiftie has shaken off the haters with an Instagram post.

An influencer has spoken out after facing backlash online for the outfit she wore to a Taylor Swift concert.

With one fan having spent over $30,000 to see Taylor Swift live, it's fair to say Swifties go hard when it comes to supporting and seeing their favorite musician.

And why should that stop with just how much they spend on tickets or travel to see the singer?

One influencer decided to go all out with her outfit to see Swift perform, however, some social media users had a lot to say about it.

Karina Irby has spent 'almost 10k' to go and see Swift perform.

The Instagram influencer and owner of swimwear label Moana Bikini and leisure wear brand The Smile Club revealed on 7 February she's spent a total of $3,600 (US $2,300) on VIP Eras Tour Tickets, AU $2,100 (US $1,300) on flights, AU $1,000 (US $650) on accommodation, AU $200 (US $130) on merch, AU $100 (US $65) on downloading the Eras concert and AU $100 (US $65) on Taylor's version music.

And she's not held back when it comes to her outfits to wear to the concerts either, splashing AU $600 (US $390) on clothes and AU $100 (US $65) on accessories.

However, one of Irby's outfits has caused quite the stir online.

Irby went to one of Swift's Sydney concerts.
Instagram/ @karinairby

The influencer took her Instagram earlier this week to share a video of her and a friend at one of Swift's concerts in Sydney.

In the video, Irby can be seen a black high-neck sparkly one piece with the letters 'rep' on it. She pairs the one suit with black heels boots and wears her hair straight and down.

Despite how amazing the outfit is and how happy Irby is to be seeing Swift perform, some social media users have criticized the outfit for being too revealing.

One user said: "Look I get it, it’s a concert, it’s a look, but at the end of the day, you’re not the celebrity. And kids are there, some cute booty shorts would of went a long way."

"Wtf is that outfit? Like…why?" another added.

And a third wrote: "If you think your outfits are similar to Taylor's you're delusional. Hers actually have some coverage and are full or boyleg cut.

"Not a fkn high rise full on g banger Brazilian. You have NO class and no respect and it's sickening.

"Wear this s**t on your OnlyFans, not to a concert filled with kids. You're a pathetic w***e."

Some social media users thought the influencer's outfit was too revealing.
Instagram/ @karinairby

On the first post, Irby responded by explaining she's actually wearing not just one but 'two pairs' of leggings - 'slimmer and fishnets' she adds.

She also noted Swift wears 'these bodysuits all the time' and 'HUNDREDS of other men and and women were/are wearing bodysuits with and without leggings, of all ages'.

"So please…. And kindly… shut up and let me have my effing moment," she resolved.

She's also since hit back at a specific user in a separate post uploaded yesterday (27 February), revealing she based her outfit on one Swift has worn herself.

Karina Irby defended her choice of outfit.

She wrote: "Never let ANYONE dim your sparkle. Posting this to show you that you don’t have to let the opinions of others ruin your day.

"I never would have thought my love and fandom would cause such a stir online. I low key thought you’d all be happy for me having such a lovely experience and sharing it. Ahhh the internet."

Irby resolved: "Taylor and I are the same age. This is more of a concert for adults than children. We grew up quite literally with her.

"If you’re THAT concerned for 'the children' restrain yourself from calling other women 'pathetic w****s' online. That would be an amazing start."

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