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Taylor Swift fan reveals she’s spent more than $30,000 on the singer and has no plans on stopping

Taylor Swift fan reveals she’s spent more than $30,000 on the singer and has no plans on stopping

Swiftie Millie Porter has spent some $30,000 on the singer since she first became a fan of the musician, including attending the Eras Tour

A fan of Taylor Swift has revealed that she's spent an enormous amount of money on her favourite musician, including seeing her play in Australia.

How much would you be prepared to spend to see your favourite musician perform? Are we talking hundreds? Thousands? What about tens of thousands?

Well, for Swiftie Millie Porter, the answer runs into the thousands.

Porter has estimated that she's spent a whopping $30,000 on Taylor Swift since she first became a fan.

It seems that Warhammer fans now have a challenger in terms of how much money they sink into their hobby!

Of this $30k, Porter estimates that around $7,000 - $9,000 of it was just to attend the Australian leg of Swift's Eras Tour.

The rest includes things such as travel expenses, concert tickets, buying CDs and vinyl records, themed outfits, and getting Taylor Swift themed tattoos.

Millie Porter said she has spent $30,000 on Taylor Swift since becoming a fan.

She told The Age: "[That includes] outfits, friendship bracelets, all of that kind of stuff - to be conservative."

Porter didn't just see Swift once on this tour either, but went to all three performances of the tour in Melbourne.

She even set up a special Taylor Swift card specifically to cover expenses related to the tour. Of that $9,000, around $1,400 of it alone was at the merchandise store.

The store includes things like $40 water bottles, tote bags and bracelets costing $50, and $120 pullovers.

And Porter confirmed that she has no plans to slow down with her spending on Taylor Swift, saying: "I have so much serotonin, so much joy right now."

But others were a little less cash happy with their trip, instead working on a slightly tighter budget during their trip.

Taylor Swift performs in Melbourne.
Graham Denholm/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

One said: "I spent lower than $80 on tickets and beads, and after getting merch, it’s going to be $200! How are these folks so wealthy?"

Another revealed that she had spent around $1,500, while her friend had dropped around $500 on the experience.

The singer's presence has seen a spike in spending in Melbourne as fans splurged while in town to see Swift perform.

One estimate suggests that spending in metro Melbourne was up by some $174 million over the weekend of Swift's performance according to data from National Australia Bank [NAB].

This represents an increase of around 33% from the previous month.

NAB executive Julie Rynski said: "Taylor was certainly the cheer captain for businesses across the city. From sold-out hotels to bustling restaurants, the economic boost that follows is tangible."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Graham Denholm/TAS24 / Contributor

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