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Kentucky woman goes viral for celebrating mugshot portfolio on Instagram account

Kentucky woman goes viral for celebrating mugshot portfolio on Instagram account

The 23-year-old has a whole string of mugshots, quickly prompting viral fame for her arrests

People go viral for all kinds of things on social media, from dance routines to quotable phrases and from hilarious mishaps to admitting a love for corn.

But then there’s also the people who go viral for the crimes they commit.

And in this case, for celebrating their arrests.

A Kentucky woman has gone viral for a mad medley of mugshots she shared to Instagram and TikTok.

Rayanna Belle Brock, 23, has been arrested for a variety of crimes from terrorism to stalking.

Probably the most striking thing about these photos isn’t necessarily what she got busted for, but the huge smile on her face as she literally poses for her mugshot.

Her reel of reigning chaos appeared on the popular Instagram account, ‘mugshawty’ which documents the more momentous arrest snaps from across the US.

And quite appropriately, Brock goes by ‘thequeenofchaos23’ on TikTok, where she initially wrote: “Finally hopping on the TikTok trend thought this would be a good ice breaker,” accompanied by Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’.

The former Eastern Kentucky student has been at it since she was a teen, with her first token in the collection picked up from a theft bust when she was 18 years old.

Posted in between mirror snaps, lip-gloss videos and bikini clips, a carousel of her ‘cute’ mugshots have racked up over two million views on TikTok.

Her most recent snap is from January of this year, for theft of a firearm.

Other arrests include for terroristic threatening and stalking, contempt of court, drug offences and ‘wanton endangerment of a police officer’.

Rayanna has been arrested for the likes of stalking and theft.
Boyle County Sheriff’s Office

In some mugshots, she even sports a bright orange prison jumpsuit, volumised blonde hair and a big, bright smile – it wouldn’t be out of place lined up to the iconic Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton snaps.

“This is one of my favourites,” Brock wrote of her orange-dressed photo, where she was arrested for stealing a car, crashing it and then taking it back to her dormitory in Kentucky.

TikTok users are amazed by the snaps, writing: “Okay but these are the most stunning mugshots ever.”

Another of her mugshots came after she was arrested for stealing a cop’s hat and taser while he wasn’t looking.

And Brock jumped into the comments on ‘mugshawty’ to bask in her new viral fame, urging her ‘fans’ to follow her account and saying: “Y’all it’s me again I’m just happy to be here honestly.”

Sadly, the young woman also shared with her new fans that both of her parents are currently behind bars themselves.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @rayannabellebrock / Boyle County Sheriff’s Office

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