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Republicans win the 218 seats needed to control the House of Representatives

Republicans win the 218 seats needed to control the House of Representatives

It might not have been the Red Wave the GOP was hoping for, but it was enough to clinch victory in the House.

Republicans will have control of the House of Representatives following the midterm elections.

The GOP managed to win the 218 seats required to take control, compared to the Democrats' 211 seats, according to the Associated Press.

AP said there were still seven seats remained in doubt.

Republicans were hoping the midterms were going to showcase a huge show of support for the party, which was being dubbed the Red Wave.

Many conservative commentators and politicians were expecting the House to be littered with Republicans.

While the midterms might not have been the red tsunami they were hoping for, it's still been enough to clinch victory in the House.

According to NPR, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has not revealed whether she will run to lead the House Democratic Caucus.

The outlet claims if the 82-year-old politician does decide to stick around, it will be tough to remove her gavel.

US President Joe Biden has issued a statement, saying he look forward to collaborating with all politicians.

"The American people want us to get things done for them," Mr Biden said in a statement issued by the White House, via the ABC.

"I will work with anyone — Republican or Democrat — willing to work with me to deliver results for them."

Over in the Senate, however, it appears to be neck and neck.

Republicans are on 49 seats, the Democrats are on 48 and there are two Independents.

You need 51 seats in the Senate to have a majority.

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