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Mum Spooked As Toddler Says He Used To Be An Adult With 'Creepy' Backstory

Mum Spooked As Toddler Says He Used To Be An Adult With 'Creepy' Backstory

The mother turned to the internet for advice after hearing her son's stories.

The mother of a toddler has been left baffled after her son appeared to start sharing memories of a 'past life'.

Young kids are known for spouting out all sorts of weird and wonderful things, but these are usually based on some sort of experience they've had; perhaps a nice food they enjoyed, or something they've seen on TV.

Less often are apparent memories of experiences that you're pretty sure they've never had, like, in the case of TikToker Kelse's son, 'travelling through the sand to find water'.

Hear more about his 'past memories' below:

The mum took to TikTok to ask viewers their thoughts on her son's strange comments, which began when they were travelling in the car one day and the young boy revealed he 'used to be an adult'.

Kelse explained that ever since he was a baby, her son has been 'obsessed with maps', to the point where his bedroom is 'map-themed'.

The toddler offered his parents what seemed to be an insight into this love of maps when he began to describe his 'past life', explaining that after being an adult he 'sunk', and then became a kid.

He said: 'When I used to be an adult, I had a map and I was travelling through the sand to find water. But when I found water, I sunk, and then I became a kid.'

Since this first revelation, the toddler has continued to relay stories of things that happened to him 'when he was an adult'; experiences Kelse is confident 'have never happened to him in his life'.

Addressing her followers, Kelse said: 'Is this like a former life or an overactive imagination? What do I do with this?'

Kelse recalls her son's 'memories' (@kelsewhatelse/TikTok)
Kelse recalls her son's 'memories' (@kelsewhatelse/TikTok)

Many TikTok users seemed just as baffled as Kelse, though others were confident the notion of a 'past life' was not something to be ignored.

One person responded: 'I 1000% believe in past lives. Our bodies are just vessels and our souls come here for the human experience and to teach both us and others something'

Another, however, expressed belief the memories Kelse's son was relaying had actually just come from his dreams, saying: 'My 4 year old is CONVINCED she has visited a planet of rainbows in another galaxy. They can not distinguish dreams from reality at that age.'

We'll never know for sure whether Kelse is raising a youngster who was, apparently, some sort of desert-wandering explorer in a past life, but his experiences certainly prove intriguing!

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Featured Image Credit: @kelsewhatelse/tiktok

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