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Diners claim they're 'over-tipping' after waitress shares her earnings for three hour shift

Diners claim they're 'over-tipping' after waitress shares her earnings for three hour shift

The TikToker broke down how much she earned per hour and how much she received in tips.

People are flooding to social media in debate after a waitress revealed how much she earned in a three-hour shift.

If you've ever been a waiter or waitress you'll know the job is no easy feat. On slow days, your job can be painfully boring and on fast days, the shift may whizz by, but you are wiped out the next day. And customers aren't always the easiest to deal with either.

Typically, the job isn't very highly paid, however, one waitress has taken to TikTok to reveal her paycheck after a three-hour shift and it's taken people by surprise.

TikToker Amanda - who goes by the username @amanda4xx - took to the platform earlier this year to reveal what she made in a three hour shift at Texas Roadhouse.

She explains it was 'a slow day' which is why she only worked for three hours, before breaking down what her tips were per table, as well as her hourly rate.

In total, Amanda served nine tables, noting 'the majority' of her tables tipped on a credit card which meant the restaurant owed her some money too.

Showing the breakdown on the restaurant's service screen, it's fair to say Amanda made a heck of a lot of tips despite only being there for a three-hour shift.

It was a slow day, so Amanda only worked a three hour shift.
TikTok/ @amanda4xx

The waitress revealed she made a total of $150.14 in tips, on top of her hourly rate which in a previous video she revealed to be $9 an hour.

This took Amanda up to a total of $177.14 for three hours' work, which works out at $59 an hour.

I certainly wouldn't be complaining.

Unfortunately, instead of celebrating Amanda's good pay and showing support for a waitress making some proper money, some diners have resolved they're now going to stop tipping as much.

According to her TikTok, Amanda served nine tables.
TikTok/ @amanda4xx

One TikTok user said: "I need to lower my tips. Thanks for sharing."

"For now on instead of tipping the waiter I’ll just buy a round of drinks for the cooks," another added.

A third wrote: "Been seeing a lot of these videos lately and it helped realize I need to lower how much I tip, thank you."

And a fourth commented: "I’m tipping two bucks next time."

Some diners have resolved to not pay as much in tips anymore.
TikTok/ @amanda4xx

However, others were quick to defend the high paycheck for three hours work.

One user argued: "Always tip 20 percent she obviously is a good server. Get that cash."

"$59 an hours sounds good until you realize you have to pay taxes on that plus you don’t get health etc so $20hr at most," a second noted.

And a final resolved: "Great job! its not easy putting up with people every day."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/amanda4xx

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