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People divided after waitress receives savage note instead of tip

People divided after waitress receives savage note instead of tip

A customer was apparently furious after a waitress allegedly called her husband 'sweetheart' while she served them.

A waitress unexpectedly received a savage note instead of a tip and the picture of the bill has gone viral.

In the US it is expected to leave some extra cash for service staff, although tipping culture has come under fire in recent years.

Now a new debate has erupted revolving around tipping, but it’s probably not one you’d expect.

An image of a $32.76 bill was shared on Reddit, and whoever the customer was clearly took the ‘tip’ prompt quite literally, meaning they left a ferocious piece of advice rather than extra cash for the staff member.

Next to the tip field was a written message that read 'don’t call my husband sweetheart' and, as you might expect from the tone of the message, no extra money was left for the unknown waitress.

The picture of the bill was shared with the caption: “Well, it may be a tip but she’s just trying to make a living.”

People on social media have begun debating the message, with some siding with the waitress.

The wife left a savage message on the bill.

“What an insecure b*tch,” one person wrote on Reddit, where the image was re-shared. “On a side note, tipping should be abolished.

"Pay your staff a living wage. Servers shouldn’t be held hostage by a**holes like this woman.”

Another social media user, who said she used to be a waitress, gave her two cents on the savage tip.

“I was a waitress for 5 years while in high school & college, and even then I knew that usually if the wife or gf liked me/my service, it was going to be a better tip,” she wrote on Reddit.

“Was always careful not to do anything to make anyone feel disrespected. Saved the pig tails and flirty banter for when the sports teams came in after a game or table full of just men.”

The wife aired her frustrations in the 'tip' section on the bill.

Another Reddit user shared: “I’m interested to know if the server also called the wife some kind of endearing pet name or just the husband.”

While someone else reasoned: “Context matters. If somebody was clearly disrespecting our relationship by openly flirting with my boyfriend and calling him pet names in front of me, I wouldn’t be nice about it either.”

Although we don't know exactly where the awkward encounter happened, some people on social media assumed it was in the South, such as Texas.

"If you’re in the South, everyone is 'sweetheart'," one person commented.

Seeing both sides of the coin, one commenter shared: “I have to say, I don't like it when random people call me pet names. But I wouldn't not tip if a server did it.”

What do you think? Penny for your thoughts...

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Thenotsodarkknight / Push/Getty

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