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People spot 'glitch in the Matrix' as plane stops mid-flight and left floating in sky

People spot 'glitch in the Matrix' as plane stops mid-flight and left floating in sky

A Redditor has shared a video of the moment reality seemingly malfunctioned, and it’s certainly a mind-boggler

A Redditor has shared the moment reality seemingly malfunctioned, and it’s certainly a mind-boggler.

Reddit user Questionsmysanity shared a TikToker's glitch in the Matrix moment, which showed a plane flying over their head appearing to freeze mid-air and remain floating in the sky.

In the clip, which was originally posted on TikTok by @jenniferireneotto, people can be seen standing in the street, pointing their phones to the air. When the person filming pans upwards, they reveal a small plane towing a banner that’s stuck in the sky as though someone hit pause on its journey. Watch the clip below:

It didn’t take long for people to respond to the post, captioned: “Anyone can explain? Or is it just a glitch in the matrix?”, offering up explanations.

Sharing a lengthy response, one person wrote: “When the thrust generated by the plane is exactly the same as the wind fighting against the plane, it remains airborne, because as far as the wind and plane are concerned, all the conditions are met for flight.”

They continued: “Think of it like a kite. When you have a large kite in the sky and its not moving around much or at all, it's still up there because the wind is holding it up, and you, on the ground holding the string, are generating resistance to the wind, and as a result, the kite fights the wind and remains airborne. That's what is happening to this plane.”

The plane appeared to freeze in mid-air.

Another social media user added: “Sometimes you can see birds doing that too, it's more common as the wind speed required is slow. They look funny. Oh, and some do it on purpose to look better [at] the ground when hunting!”

If the above isn’t enough of a ‘glitch in the Matrix’ fix, allow us to take you back to June, when someone else was left convinced we’re all living in a simulation because of a run-in with a lemon. 

Sharing a video of herself preparing food in a kitchen, the woman behind the clip explained: "You can see me grabbing a lemon, right. I cut it in half and then I cut it in half once more right there.

"You can see me cut it, then I go get a bag, I grab the bag and go back for the lemon, and I grab the lemon and I touch it and I'm like "why is it not cut in half?'

The Redditor was left pondering whether or not we all live in a Matrix-esque simulation.
Delphotos/Alamy Stock Photo

"I am freaking out because the lemon wasn't cut in half any more. It was literally intact, you can see me in the video cut the lemon in half. This has never happened to me and I don't know how to act, I'm freaking out."

We can’t imagine the sentient machines that simulated our reality were particularly thrilled about having their master plan foiled by a lemon, but who are we to judge? 

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Featured Image Credit: @jenniferireneotto/TikTok

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