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Marjorie Taylor Greene Used 'Codeword' To Encourage Capitol Riots, Lawyer Claims

Marjorie Taylor Greene Used 'Codeword' To Encourage Capitol Riots, Lawyer Claims

Ron Fein, an attorney who will be questioning Majorie Taylor Greene, has claimed she used a codeword to encourage capitol rioters.

A lawyer working to disqualify Republican representative and QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Green has claimed she used a 'codeword' to encourage rioters.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, 20 April, Ron Fein said Greene would be questioned on her use of the 'codeword' in their upcoming court case.

Fein is the legal director of Free Speech for People, the group launching the 'rare' case against Greene that attempts to block the Republican representative from re-election.

Marjorie Taylor Green is the subject of a 'rare' trial.

The case hinges on the 14th Amendment of the US constitution, which states: "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress… shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion."

This is what Fein and his team are arguing Greene did, with the legal director stating: "The day before the attack, she signaled to her followers a codeword that meant to storm federal buildings and supposedly overthrow tyrants."

"So, we are going to ask her about all of that and more," Fein said of the 'codeword'.

If, at this point, you're wondering what the 'codeword' was, Fein's team is arguing that it was her use of the phrase 'This is our 1776 moment'.

1776 is typically a reference to the American Revolution.

The Republican Representative is said to have used a 'codeword' to encourage rioters.

"Greene’s references to ‘1776’ … had a specific meaning to her intended audience," Fein explained.

"Specifically, her remarks had the intent and effect of signaling to her supporters that she was calling not for peaceful protest, but for violent resistance, to a peaceful transfer of power to the president-elect, in defiance of the Constitution."

Fein added that the group knew 'four things' about Greene prior to the trial.

"One is that she called for Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden to be executed for treason. She told her followers that they couldn’t allow a peaceful transfer of power. She worked with the planners of some of the events of January 6th."

Marjorie Taylor Green at an 'Impeach Biden' rally.

The 'codeword' will be discussed at the 'rare' upcoming trial.

Fein said of the trial: "This is a rare action and, in fact, it hasn't happened for over 150 years because insurrections against the United States, let alone insurrections in which members of Congress were involved is a very rare phenomenon.

"But Marjorie Taylor Greene crossed the line and she met the legal standard for engaging in insurrection, which, under our Constitution, means that she is disqualified from future public office."

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