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Mariah Carey hit one of the highest notes ever recorded live when she was just 21

Mariah Carey hit one of the highest notes ever recorded live when she was just 21

It's an impressive performance, but still not the highest note ever!

Mariah Carey sang one of the highest notes ever recorded, when she was just 21 years old.

She might now be known for her seasonal battle for the airwaves with Michael Bublé, but when she was 21, Mariah Carey made musical history in another way entirely.

There are many ways to show off just how impressive a singer you are, and one is to demonstrate just how big your range is. Whether it's breadth of range or going as low or high as possible, there have been some seriously impressive voices - and Mariah Carey is one of them.

A whistle note became a signature for the singer, who managed to achieve an ear-clearing F sharp 7 - an insanely high note - all while smiling onstage.

Mariah Carey has an extraordinary vocal range.

However, even this is not actually the highest recorded note sung by a human.

That honour in fact belongs to Brazilian singer, Georgia Brown. She trained at Aqua Jazz Atelier Music School in São Paulo. She showed off her insane ability on television, stunning the hosts, and being confirmed by Guinness World Records as the highest voice on record, hitting a G10.

Technically at that level it's not even a note any more but a frequency. As impressive as it is from the perspective of the limits of human anatomy, it's difficult to see how much music application such a vocal note would have.

Georgia Brown holds the record for singing the highest note ever.
Phillip Harrington / Alamy Stock Photo

Another way to measure just how impressive a singer is, is by their vocal range and there have been some truly incredible stand outs here as well.

One voice that comes to mind is none other than the late Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury. Mercury had an astonishing voice, with incredible range and power, as well as being able to move through his range very quickly.

He may have had his anatomy in part to thank for that. Mercury in fact had two extra teeth, which slightly changed the shape of his mouth and may have contributed to his particularly incredible vocal range and tone.

Another one is none other than Whitney Houston. There have been many, many versions of the Star Spangled Banner over the years - notably some better than others. The song is notoriously difficult from a technical perspective, with big jumps between notes which can trip up less experienced singers.

However, Whitney Houston's rendition of the song at the 1991 Super Bowl became an iconic performance. More than that, it is even now considered the gold standard for any performance of the US national anthem.

What a legacy to leave behind.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Emperor_Boya

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