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Man slammed for saying he won't hire a salesman if they have an ugly girlfriend

Man slammed for saying he won't hire a salesman if they have an ugly girlfriend

Tyson Smith instead wants to hire the 'ugly dude with the hot wife, because I know that man can close'.

The owner of a wholesale real estate company has sparked debate online after he made some pretty controversial comments about his hiring process.

Most employers will look at a prospective hire's background, their level of education, their interests, and their qualifications for the role.

However, Tyson Smith seems to also look at one other aspect when deciding whether he will take someone on as an employee: their partner.

Posting on his social media channels, real estate investor says he will flat-out not hire a prospective staff member if their spouse isn't up to his standards.

"I won't hire a salesman that has an ugly girlfriend," he said in a now-viral video.

"Now, I paid a lot of money for this advice, and I'm going to give it to you for free.

"But if somebody wants to work with me, and I go on their Instagram and I see they have an ugly boyfriend or girlfriend, I know they aren't the closer.

"Your spouse is the biggest deal you will ever close in your life, and if you can't close on an attractive woman, I know you can't close big deals."

While that might be enough for some people, Tyson kept going.

He added: "Now the person I want to hire the most is an ugly dude with the hot wife, because I know that man can close."

He made those comments on his podcast and the clip has started being shared on social media.

One person on Twitter leading the charge against Smith said the man's beliefs have made them want to see a 'national ban on podcast equipment'.

Another said: "Referring to a relationship with another human being using business terms is such an ick."

A third wrote: "He should never be in charge of hiring."

A fourth critic added: "Does he understand looks are subjective? There are societal beauty standards but maybe just maybe not everyone uses them to pick a life partner??"

Despite the backlash, it seems like Tyson isn't fazed by it at all.

He quote tweeted the video to double down on his comments and boast about how it's actually been super beneficial for him.

Smith wrote: "Results of this video: Millions of views. Thousands of followers. Hundreds of job applicants.

"Successfully pi**ed off a very large demographic of people, but they were never going to be my audience/customers anyways

"Controversy is the name of the game fellas."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tyson Smith

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