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Police chief accused of sharing explicit images of cop who slept with six co-workers

Police chief accused of sharing explicit images of cop who slept with six co-workers

Chief Burrel 'Chip' Davis, 47 was allegedly aware of the 'pornographic images' of Maegan Hall being circulated by officers

The former chief of the Tennessee Police Department has been accused encouraging another officer to share explicit pictures of married officer Maegan Hall, who had sexual relations with six of her colleagues.

Burrel ‘Chip’ Davis, 47, the ex-La Vergne Police Chief, was sent ‘pornographic images’ by Sgt. Henry 'Ty' McGowan of Hall, 26, to his burner phone he named ‘Ole Boy’, court records allege.

Davis’ alleged actions came to light following an internal investigation even though he initially feigned surprise as he oversaw an internal inquiry about the sexual misconduct in the department.

Burrel ‘Chip’ Davis.
La Vergne Police Department

But Davis apparently knew all about what was happening, records of the text messages between Davis and McGowan show that the chief joked about a picture of Hall in which she was engaged in sexual activity with another sergeant, Lewis Powell, with whom she was having an affair with.

McGowan sent the former chief a photo of a ‘Black male foot inside Officer Hall’s mouth,’ saying that the foot in the picture belonged to Powell.

In a text message exchange on Oct. 25, Davis asked: “Who dat?”

“Hall… Lewis,” McGowan replied.

The chief then sent: “He on it again.”

McGowan responded: “He swears he ain’t.”

Davis wrote: “She nor her husband took that picture.”

“She has a tight little a** tho,” McGowan sent back.

“Yep,” Davis agreed.

Maegan Hall.
La Vergne Police Department

The Chief and McGowan chatted about Hall’s affair during another text message exchange on Oct. 28.

“I saved her for the last time,” the former chief wrote. “I wish I could tell her who she f***ing cant do s**t for her.”

“I wish I could too,” McGowan replied. “Then we both could play.”

“Can’t f**k Lewis tho cause the pics are [flame emoji]” Davis replied.

The suit argues: “As demonstrated in his October 28, 2022, text exchange, Chief Davis became frustrated by his comparative failure to groom Ms. Hall for sexual exploitation.

“Chief Davis repeatedly attempted to seclude Ms. Hall so that he could use the authority of his high office – or as he described it, 'normal pimp s**t,' to induce Ms. Hall to gratify his own sexual desires.”

Hall lost her job after an investigation uncovered her multiple instances of sexual relations with her colleagues.

Ty McGowan.
La Vergne Police Department

She was allegedly engaged in a threesome with one officer and his wife and had a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ hot tub encounter with several other officers.

Last month, Hall filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against the city, Davis, McGowan and Powell last month, alleging she had been ‘sexually groomed’ by the officers.

During an interview as part of an internal investigation, Hall admitted she performed sex acts on duty and on police property.

Lewis Powell.
La Vergne Police Department

The suit alleges that Hall’s ‘mental condition’ deteriorated between November and December 2022. The secret trysts came to light when Hall checked herself into a local hospital in December after having suicidal thoughts, according to her civil-rights lawsuit.

Davis and Powell were fired over the scandal. Meanwhile, police officer Juan Lugo-Perez and detective Seneca Shields were also let go. Three other officers; Patrick Magliocco, Larry Holladay and Gavin Schoeberl, were suspended.

Featured Image Credit: La Vergne Police Department

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