UFO Expert Believes Seagulls Could Be Alien Spies Sent To Earth To Gather Evidence

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UFO Expert Believes Seagulls Could Be Alien Spies Sent To Earth To Gather Evidence

Featured Image Credit: Rob Bartee / Alamy. Tomasz Zajda / Alamy.

A UFO expert has claimed seagulls could in fact be alien spies sent to Earth to do some reconnaissance on humanity.

If you’ve ever looked up into the sky and caught a flock of seagulls just sitting there watching you, you might think they're plotting some evil scheme. 

Nick Pope, who worked at the British government’s Ministry of Defence investigating UFOs, has urged us not to trust the pesky flockers. 

Clearly, it wasn’t bad enough they were stealing our chips and being general nuisances.

Credit: Steve Hawkins Photography / Alamy
Credit: Steve Hawkins Photography / Alamy

Speaking to the Mirror, Nick believes the seagulls are spreading our secrets back to alien civilisations. 

"If aliens want to hack into and control a living organism or construct a drone that's a perfect mimic, it would be best to choose something ordinary and ubiquitous, like a seagull or a housefly," he explained.

"Something you wouldn't normally pay much attention to, perhaps.

"But all the time, it would be spying on us, recording everything, and sending information about us back to the alien homeworld.

"So next time you move to swat that fly, watch out - your actions might inadvertently start an interstellar war!"

You’re telling me the aliens are targeting the two most annoying creatures in existence as an attempt to lay low while spying on us - seriously twisted thought process from them. 

Nick added that if the seagulls were indeed hacked or trained to spy, they would be monitoring us to get ‘crystal clear images and recordings, right under our noses’. 

The UFO expert: "Any civilisation capable of getting here from other star systems undoubtedly has technology that would seem like magic to us, and one possibility is that they might be able to implant a living creature with tiny cameras and recording devices, and then control its thoughts to position it anywhere of interest.

Credit: Andrew Macdonald / Alamy
Credit: Andrew Macdonald / Alamy

Interestingly, humans are gearing up to send out our own messages into space in an effort to contact aliens.

Researchers at the US space agency have greenlit a new broadcast message, dubbed ‘Beacon in the Galaxy’ containing information about the Earth to be beamed into outer space, specifically to a part of the Milky Way identified as the most likely location to contain extraterrestrial lifeforms.

It is an updated version of the Arecibo message, which sent similar information into space in 1974 using a radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

But whereas the Arecibo message contained only basic information about the Earth and humanity, improvements in technology mean that more detailed info can now be broadcast.

The proposed new message includes basic mathematical and physical concepts intended to establish a universal means of communication, followed by information about the Earth’s surface and the life forms that live here.

The message also includes the location of our solar system relative to other major clusters of stars, along with coordinates intended to help alien life forms find our planet and an invitation for extraterrestrial intelligences to respond.

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