Karen ‘Calls 911’ Over Wrong Burger King Order

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A woman has been outed for reportedly calling 911 to complain that Burger King got her order wrong. 

In the since-deleted TikTok video, which has been shared to Reddit, a recorded conversation between an alleged 911 operator and dissatisfied customer takes place as the woman complains about her Burger King order.


The video appears to be a recording of a complaint made by the woman to an Orange County Sheriff via 911, about her Western BBQ Burger.

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The supposed 911 operator can be heard introducing herself as a member of the ‘traffic department’ and asking how she can help.

The caller explains that she is ‘over here at Burger King, right here in San Clemente’, before retracting her opening line, clarifying that she lives in San Clemente but is actually currently in the Laguna Niguel. ‘I think that’s where I’m at,’ she said.


She explains that she is at a drive-through and ordered her food ‘three times’. The caller goes on to complain that she can see employees of the Burger King ‘mopping the floor inside’ and while she ‘understand[s] that they are busy’, she then says how ‘they’re not even busy, okay?’.

‘I’ve been the only car here. I asked them four different times to make me a Western BBQ Burger,’ she said.

The woman can then be heard saying that the employees ‘keep giving [her] a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and onions’, to which she told them, ‘I’m not leaving, I want a Western Burger’.


The caller allegedly told the 911 operator how her children were hungry after she collected them from Taekwondo and that she was on her way home to where she lives in San Clemente when she stopped off at the Burger King branch.

She accuses the Burger King employee of giving her another hamburger that was also ‘wrong’. The caller claims how she had to repeat that she wanted the burger ‘four times’ before being asked by the employee to go out and park in front of the store. The woman then explained how she refused, and demanded that she be given the ‘right’ hamburger.

The call goes on to detail how the manager was then called, who offered her a refund. The caller refused a refund due to her kids being hungry and said how she had to then ‘jump on the toll freeway’. The caller told the manager she would not leave and threatened to call the police because of how much she wanted her ‘Western Burger done right’. ‘Now is that so hard?,’ she tells the alleged 911 operator. The person at the other end of the phone can then be heard questioning the caller as to ‘what exactly’ it is that the woman wants the department to do for her. The woman responded by demanding that officers are sent down to make sure that her burger is made ‘right’.


‘Ma’am, we’re not gonna go down there and enforce your Western bacon cheeseburger,’ the supposed operator said.

The caller then asked what she was supposed to do.

The fast food chain, Burger King, starts today Tuesday, February 02, 2021 a campaign to support farmers by offering a 1kg bag of potatoes to each customer of the drive of restaurants throughout France. Bordeaux, France on February 2, 2021.PA

The alleged operator can be heard telling the caller that the issue is between her and the manager, and that the police can’t go and ‘enforce how to make a hamburger’. ‘That’s not a criminal issue. There’s nothing criminal,’ she explains.


She then goes on to tell the caller to ‘calmly and rationally speak to the manager and figure out what to do between you.’

The caller continues to argue that the manager didn’t want to deal with the issue and claims she walked away after she requested her burger ‘because they’re mopping the floor and it’s all full of suds and they don’t wanna go through there’.

The 911 operator then suggests that the woman gets her ‘money back and go somewhere else’, stressing again how it is not a criminal issue.

Burger King (PA Images)PA Images

The caller responded by saying, ‘Well, that’s – you’re supposed to be here to protect me.’

To which the woman on the other end of the phone questioned what they were supposed to be protecting her from, ‘the wrong cheeseburger?’ She then concludes by telling the woman that she needs to ‘act like an adult’.

The post has since amassed more than 15,000 upvotes and 818 comments, with other Reddit users flooding to the comments in outrage over the supposed call. One said, ‘You’re supposed to be here to protect me. Well, what are we protecting you from, the wrong cheeseburger? Lost it.’

Another wrote:

Oh my god IT’S A F*CKING BURGER not a life-threatening event! And the audacity she has to keep casually going on and on and on like ”oh I picked my son up from Tae Kwon Do and he’s hungry” like stfu who asked.

A third commented, ‘And you just know the burger was for her.’

Burger King (PA Images)PA Images

Despite the lengthy and impressive display from the alleged operator, the TikTok video is linked to an account that has since been deleted.

A back-up version has been made, however, called @justa_happymom, which is a somewhat ironic name if the woman were to be the caller in the video. The account features other apparent 911 call content, although with videos labelled as #fake.

While many people have raved about the Western BBQ Burger online, I think we should all hope that the call indeed isn’t real.

If there was someone in the world who actually decided to spend 2 minutes and 24 seconds calling the police over a burger, then the world would be an even more concerning place to live than it currently is.

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u/vincethewillnill/ Reddit
  1. u/vincethewillnill/ Reddit

    Woman calls Orange County Sheriff's Dept 911 complaining that Burger King would not make her a "Western BBQ Burger".

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