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TikToker who has herpes slams MTV for mocking her sex positive video

TikToker who has herpes slams MTV for mocking her sex positive video

Canadian Suzanna Brusikiewicz has amassed over 239,000 followers on the platform for her videos openly discussing the virus.

A person with herpes who uses TikTok to raise awareness about the STI has slammed MTV for mocking her in one of its TV shows.

Canadian Suzanna Brusikiewicz has amassed over 239,000 followers on the platform for her videos openly discussing the virus, which is the most common STI in the UK, to try and end the stigma around it.

The Toronto native recently featured on MTV series Ridiculousness, a show that has run on the network since 2011 and sees comedian Rob Dyrdek critique and comment on viral videos alongside different co-hosts.

You can watch it here:

Although she expected to be ‘roasted’, Suzanna was left unamused when Rob brought up her video in which she discussed being diagnosed with herpes, and branded her a ‘super-spreader’.

The video sees Suzanna proudly declare, "Two fun facts about me - yes, I have herpes, and yes, I'm f**king hot."

After airing the TikTok, the comedian along guest judges Chanel West Coast and Steelo Brim proceeded to crack jokes about Suzanna, with Chanel saying it was 'scary' while Rob said she was still 'f**king hot.'

The content creator was unimpressed by the segment, especially with Rob’s comment labelling her a ‘super-spreader’ since she explained that being vocal about having it and spreading it are two very different things.

The TikTok star also pointed out that MTV promotes itself as a 'sex-positive' company and even has its own 'sex-ed' website called It's Your Sex Life, which discusses topics such as STIs, including herpes.

In response to the original video she shared, Suzanna said: “They see a woman who is confident and owns her worth and sexuality, they see she's desirable and then they assume that she is spreading it to all her partners.

“But news flash: herpes itself is the super spreader and has been for millions of years.

“So while Rob's mind, body, and style are stuck in his 16-year-old hey-dey, MTV is allowing people with herpes to be called ‘super spreaders’ while promoting how sex positive they are.”

Suzanne added that she knew the hosts would 'roast her,' but that she was hoping her video would 'reach the people who needed to see it.'

As for why she spoke out about it in the first place, she explained, “Why did I do that? To destigmatize it and normalize it and inspire people who have it.”

In a follow-up video to the one she shared in June, Suzanna revealed that she had received a voicemail from the production team behind the show after her response went viral.

The production company explained that they were removing her clip from Ridiculousness - but was unhappy with the outcome as she just wants Rob to acknowledge his problematic comments.

She shared: “I was frustrated because there was no name or callback number. I wanted to have a conversation, not be told what they were going to do.

“My intention wasn't to have it removed, I wanted it to be acknowledged in some way.”

Suzanna Brusikiewicz wants MTV host Rob Dyrdek to acknowledge his misguided comment.
TikTok/Suzanna Brusikiewicz

The content creator then sent MTV an email expressing her 'utter shock' over being labeled a 'super-spreader,' adding found Rob's comment 'absurd and defamatory.'

And while she knew getting the network to acknowledge her email would be a long shot, she explained that another person from the production company spoke with her over the phone.

On that call, the employee explained that they were removing the clip because they 'weren't comfortable' with it being on air anymore, and that they are supportive of 'what she does.'

UNILAD has approached MTV for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: @suzbub/TikTok

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