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DoorDash driver 'deactivated' for confronting customers who don't tip enough
Featured Image Credit: @dashingtrader/TikTok

DoorDash driver 'deactivated' for confronting customers who don't tip enough

He went viral on TikTok with a compilation of his confrontations.

A DoorDash driver has been 'deactivated' from the app after shaming customers who did not tip him enough.

The former employee, who posts under the name @dashingtrader on TikTok, found viral fame after he filmed himself confronting low-tipping customers.

In one viral video, he asks a woman: "You ever heard of no tip, no trip?"

He then explained that as a 'Dasher', it's not worth his time to deliver to people who will not sufficiently tip him.

"Yeah, that ain’t enough when it’s 0 degrees outside, and it's icy, and I gotta drive my car and wait for it," he says.

In another confrontation, the viral driver is asked if he always wears a camera when delivering to customers, and he explained that he only does it when they don't tip.

One of his most viral videos garnered almost a million views and featured a compilation of customer reactions to his 'no tip, no trip' confrontations.

"Multiple CLOWN Encounters!" he captioned the video.

As well as confronting customers who don't tip, the former DoorDash driver revealed that he also punishes them by leaving their food to be collected for longer.

This former DoorDash driver hated people who didn't tip.
TikTok / dashingtrader

However, the employee's time with DoorDash has now come to and end, and he revealed on TikTok that he has had his profile deactivated.

But it is not just DoorDash who have taken umbrage with the driver's actions, so too have social media commentators.

One went as far as to say that his actions made them not want to tip their drivers.

They wrote: "Bro makes me not wanna tip anymore."

A second questioned why the driver was taking trips when he knew there would be no tip at the end, writing: "Bro. You literally took every trip with no tip?"

A third, meanwhile, wasn't so critical and said the driver was right to confront the customers.

They wrote: "I love this guy, DoorDash has been manipulating drivers with acceptance rates to receive diamond orders. I am sorry for his deactivation."

A spokesperson for DoorDash told UNILAD: "We expect all members of the DoorDash community to treat each other with respect, and this behavior is clearly unacceptable.

"The Dasher was deactivated, and we apologise to the customers for this uncomfortable experience and not meeting the high expectations they deserve."

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