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DoorDash driver warns others after 'scary' order lures her to fake Taco Bell
Featured Image Credit: @getpoppinbro / TikTok

DoorDash driver warns others after 'scary' order lures her to fake Taco Bell

A DoorDash driver has posted a warning on TikTok after a 'scary' order sent her to a fake location.

In recent years, delivery apps like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and DoorDash have become increasingly popular, allowing people to earn extra money through food delivery as and when they want to.

The fast food delivery apps have made life easier for many people and businesses. However, not everyone's experience has been positive.

A DoorDash driver has taken to TikTok to warn her audience following a 'scary' order that sent her to a fake location claiming to be a Taco Bell.

TikToker, Kassi Nicole Goodwin (@getpoppinbro) uploaded a video talking about the concerning experience to her account on January 14, explaining that a DoorDash order had sent her to a fake business address.

Kassi starts by explaining: “It was a Taco Bell order requested by the merchant - no problem."

But things soon took a concerning turn.

She continued: "I get close to the location and notice that there is no Taco Bell, there's actually nothing in this area or at this location.

"It’s a building, lights are off, there was no lights on in the parking lot and it was completely pitch black.”

Kassi decided to loop around to get a better look at the place she was supposed to be collecting her DoorDash order from, realised that the area was definitely sketchy and unassigned herself as the pickup driver.

Here's where things start to get even weirder.

Ascannio / Alamy Stock Photo

Kassi then received a call from a man stating that he was upset that she didn't stop and get out of her car.

She said: "Then he demanded that I turn around. He wanted me to come back and get out of my car and pick up this 'order'."

She explained that she told the man she had already unassigned herself from the order and couldn't return for it.

The man began to get 'a bit more angry and a little bit louder this time', and said Kassi must come back and get out of her car to collect the order before hanging up on her after she again declined.

Newscom / Alamy Stock Photo

Kassi then drove to a safe location at a gas station, but was still shaken up by the event.

She informed DoorDash support who then flagged the account of the 'Taco Bell' and informed other DoorDashers of what had happened.

Kassi concluded her video asking viewers to 'just be safe' when collecting delivery orders.

Another TikTok user has since commented: "I drive for DD as well and I have gotten an order for a Taco Bell that does not exist as well. More than once. Something is going on. Glad you’re safe"

When approached by UNILAD for comment, DoorDash said in a statement: "We know this was an unsettling and scary situation for the Dasher involved, and we are grateful that she was able to contact ADT through our app for real-time support. This location has been permanently removed from our platform while we investigate further."

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