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Donald Trump vanishes without paying diner bill after screaming he'd cover 'food for everyone'

Donald Trump vanishes without paying diner bill after screaming he'd cover 'food for everyone'

He didn't pay a single cent towards any meals at the Florida hotspot.

Former US President Donald Trump has randomly popped up at a restaurant in Miami, with reports from locals indicating the billionaire twice proclaimed he would cover the bill for the entire restaurant.

Although it was a random turn of events for diners at Versailles one of the Sunshine State's hottest Cuban eateries.

It was pure coincidence that the former US leader strode in on June 13, and we'll get most of the diners won't forget it.

Because the one way he could have made it better for his supporters? If he had actually paid the bill.

DOD Photo / Alamy

Trump then reportedly decided to go for the dine-and-dash option instead, ditching those in the restaurant to foot the bill despite twice yelling he would cover the cost.

As per the Miami New Times, Trump was at the fan-favorite cafe for about 10 minutes.

In that time, he shook hands with eager supporters who wished him a happy birthday for the following day.

He allegedly left before anyone could order anything from the menu and didn't pay a cent towards the bill.


He didn't even take anything to go from the Little Havana hotspot before vanishing into the night.

It was his 77th birthday though. So we have to cut him some slack.

You know how the song goes: "It's my birthday and i'll skip out on paying, skip out on paying. You would cry too, if you were arraigned, boo."

Or something like that. Whatever.

It had been a hard few days for the billionaire.

He'd found himself before a judge on June 13 over some minor thing to do with mega high-level security documents that had been removed from the White House.

By Trump, apparently.

Anyway, he eventually gave the 15 boxes of records back to the US National Archives and Records Administration in January 2022.

He now faces 37 criminal counts over alleged violations of the Espionage Act, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and making false statements to investigators.

After the documents were returned, investigators realised more than 700 pages of records were in the cache of files marked as classified.


Some of the highly sensitive information included plans for a clandestine attack on a foreign nation, according to a report by The Guardian.

Double Yikes.

Anyway, we can see how the week started out as a bit of a bummer for Trump.

But what improves a bad birthday? A McDonald's Happy Meal.

That's enough to turn any frown upside down, which is what he chose to chow down on during his private plane trip to New Jersey on Wednesday evening, The New York Times reported.

"Some birthday," witnesses claimed he grumbled while at Versailles (before vanishing).Some birthday.”

He doubled down, muttering 'some birthday' again before vanishing into the night like an indicted ghost.

An indicted ghost having a tough week, anyway.

Donald Trump was approached for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Bob Daemmrich / Alamy. Media Punch/Alamy.

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