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Dog Abandoned At Animal Shelter Because Owners Thought He's Gay

Dog Abandoned At Animal Shelter Because Owners Thought He's Gay

Fezco the dog is now on the hunt for a new home after being abandoned

The former owners of a dog in North Carolina have been criticised online after they abandoned their pet because they believed he was gay.

Fezco the pooch is four to five years old and is said to get along well with both people and other animals, no doubt making him a lovely pet for any caring family.

Unfortunately, however, Fezco ended up being abandoned in Stanly County after he humped another male dog – something which is entirely common among canines.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stresses that 'mounting, thrusting (humping) and masturbation are normal behaviours exhibited by most dogs', whether it be in relation to other animals, people, or objects.

In spite of this, it seems the owners of Fezco decided his behaviour was proof he was sexually attracted to other males, and therefore he couldn't stay under their roof.

In a post on Facebook cited by WCCB Charlotte, Stanly County Animal Protective Services in Albemarle said Fezco was brought to the shelter after he humped the other male dog, where he was left to find a new family.

The shelter is asking for local rescue centres to take Fezco into foster care before he finds his new forever home, promising that he is a 'good boy'.

Social media users criticised Fezco's former family for giving him up after the news of Fezco's abandonment was shared online, with one person describing the former owners as 'hateful'.

Frezco the dog.
WCCB Charlotte

Another argued that Fezco being given to the shelter was 'better than them beating or abusing him or even killing him', adding: 'Luckily this dog will find an owner who loves him. Good thing came out of this.'

A third person responded to defend the dog, writing: 'Dogs hump any and everything. I hope a loving family adopt him.'

The ASPCA explains that behaviours such as humping and thrusting are 'part of normal play behaviour' for dogs, while some dogs can also 'respond to stressful or exciting situations by mounting or masturbating'.

The organisation encourages anyone who is bothered by their dog's behaviour to try and distract the pooch by giving them a toy or chew, playing a game or engaging them in basic obedience skills or tricks, like 'sit' or 'shake'.

When it comes to Frezco, anyone who works with a rescue centre who would be able to take Fezco into their care is being asked to call the Stanly County Animal Shelter at (704) 986-3881.

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Featured Image Credit: WCCB Charlotte

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