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Denise Richards shot at during terrifying road rage incident

Denise Richards shot at during terrifying road rage incident

Actress Denise Richards was shot at by a driver in a road rage incident.

Someone shot at Denise Richards' car on Monday (14 November) in an apparent incident of road rage.

The actor was reportedly travelling to the filming location Popsicle Studio in Los Angeles when the incident occurred, with Richards in a truck being driven by husband Aaron Phypers.

While trying to find a suitable spot for parking at their destination, another motorist became irate and tried to drive around them.

According to TMZ, the driver behind them became agitated and began shouting as they attempted to manoeuvre their vehicle around the one with Richards and Phypers in it.

Phypers was said to have decided to let the raging motorist pass them, but the other driver appeared to shoot at the truck as they went by.

Denise Richards was shot at on Monday (14 November).
Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Fortunately, Richards and Phypers were both unharmed in the attack, though they found a bullet hole in the back of their Ford Shelby F-150 truck on the driver's side later on.

The couple had not immediately realised that their vehicle had been shot by the raging driver, with Phypers rolling down his window to confront the driver in an attempt to defuse their road rage.

People reports that the discovery of the bullet hole afterwards was an incredibly distressing moment for the couple, leaving Richards 'very shaken up', though she was able to compose herself and 'filmed the whole day'.

Someone who spotted the bullet hole in their truck called 911, and once it was time for Richards to return home, an off-duty police officer escorted the couple until they reached the freeway.

No police report was filed on the shooting and the couple were 'freaked out' that an angry motorist would go so far as to actually take a shot at their vehicle while they had been looking for a place to park.

Richards and husband Aaron Phypers, who was behind the wheel of their truck when it was shot.
dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Richards is best known for her roles in Love Actually, Starship Troopers, The World Is Not Enough and Wild Things, and for one of her scenes in the latter she was drunk on screen with co-star Neve Campbell.

Required to portray a love scene, the actors were supposedly given some alcohol before the cameras started rolling in order to ease them into their characters a bit more.

However, anyone hoping Richards might be returning for a mooted TV series with original Starship Troopers cast members Casper Van Dien and Neil Patrick Harris might be disappointed, as there have been precious few updates on the state of the show since early conversations in 2019.

UNILAD have contacted Denise Richards' representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo/deniserichards/Instagram

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