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Charlie Sheen's Daughter Speaks Out After He Slammed Her Joining OnlyFans

Charlie Sheen's Daughter Speaks Out After He Slammed Her Joining OnlyFans

Charlie Sheen was not happy about his daughter joining OnlyFans and she's now responded.

Charlie Sheen's daughter has broken her silence after her father spoke out against her joining OnlyFans.

Sheen slammed his daughter Sami after she took to Instagram to promote her new account on OnlyFans, saying he 'does not condone this'.

The actor admitted he was 'unable to prevent it' and as such has urged his daughter to 'keep it classy, creative, and not sacrifice her integrity'.

He also added that Sami's decision wasn't made 'under his roof' as she is living with her mother, Love Actually star Denise Richards.

Richards added that their daughter 'makes her own choices' and that as parents they had no choice but to 'guide her and trust her judgment'.

She also commented on her daughter's announcement post that she 'will always support you & always have your back'.

According to VT, Sami has now spoken out more about what kind of content she is intending to post for subscribers to view on OnlyFans.

They report that she held a Q&A on her Instagram story where she told followers she wants to focus on body positive content while posting on the site.

One fan had asked her whether she thought she had the body for OnlyFans, leading her to respond that 'there's no "body" you need to have' to be on the site.

She explained that the important thing for her was 'making sure you're comfortable with your posting' and keeping in mind that 'all bodies are beautiful'.

Among other questions she answered was one about how supportive her parents had been of her decision, saying her 'mom is extremely supportive' but making no mention of her father in the answer.

While it would seem that Sami, who is living with her mother, has the blessing of one parent it seems likely that father Charlie is against the idea, though he has accepted it's not his decision to make and given her some advice on what to do.

Fans were very supportive of her decision to go onto OnlyFans and her choice to focus on body positive content, with many praising her and promising to support her in her new endeavour.

Along with creating content for OnlyFans, Sami has also appeared on TV for several shows including her father's sitcom Two And A Half Men and her mother's show Denise Richards: It's Complicated.

The 18-year-old has also played herself on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy/ Sami Sheen Insta

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