These Are The Iconic Scenes Actors Were Actually Drunk In While Filming

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Acting is a fine art and sometimes the pressure on set to perform outrageous scenes is too much for your average Hollywood superstar.

Inevitably, some famous faces have resorted to a little Dutch courage to make shooting run smoothly.

Now, Looper have compiled a list of the times actors were drunk on set while constructing some of the most memorable moments in movie history, starting with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight Club.


Nevermind the first rule of Fight Club. The first rule of acting is presumably to bond with your co-star. It’s advice Pitt and Norton took to heart, so much so, they spent evenings after filming drinking together.

Little did they know, director, David Fincher captured them playing golf after one of their sessions. Thinking it captured their characters’ fictional rebellion, Fincher cut it into the final edit.

You can watch the scene, which gives new depth to the idea of method acting, below:


Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t get anymore wild, so we introduce Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in their breakout roles in the seductive murder crime thriller, Wild Things.

The two young actresses were required to convincingly portray a lesbian love scene in the film – which arguably inspired that famous pool scene in The Girl Next Door – and they were reportedly given a little alcohol to ease them into their characters.

You can watch the trailer for Wild Things below:


Margot Robbie came up against a similar challenge on the set of The Wolf Of Wall Street, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. Robbie has previously opened up about her pre-filming jitters and stripping off in front of camera.

She confirmed that three shots of tequila beforehand helped to ease her nerves.

You can watch that resulting scene, below:


Now, onto the disturbing use of alcohol on set of Apocalypse Now, the notorious Vietnam war epic in which Hollywood legend, Martin Sheen was subjected to untold pyschological trauma by director, Francis Frd Coppola.

Allegedly, Coppola kept Sheen locked away and perpetually drunk – as well as convincing him the crew were evil – in order to dredge up his spell-binding performance.

You can watch a clip from Apocalypse Now below:


Looper also reports that some of our favourite actors, including Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Shaw of Jaws fame, have struggled with alcohol use while filming their blockbusters.

While you may think booze is the creative juice of choice for Hollywood, make sure you drink responsibly.

If you have any questions about alcohol, contact Drink Aware.

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