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CEO bigs up worker who sold family dog after he made them return to the office

CEO bigs up worker who sold family dog after he made them return to the office

The CEO encourages staff to re-think their priorities.

A CEO is getting serious heat online after a video of him praising an employee for selling their family dog was released.

James Clarke, the CEO of digital marketing and technology company Clearlink, suggested during a virtual town hall that some employees were more committed to the job than others.

As an example, he pointed to a worker who, after hearing staff would have to return to the office, sold their family dog.

The CEO of Clearlink has been filmed praising an employee for giving him their dog to return to the office.

According to a Vice report, employees at Clearlink were originally confused when told they'd have to return to the office four days per week, after being previously told by Clarke that there had been 'no plans' to enforce this sort of measure.

In a company-wide email seen by the publication, he told staff in early April that 'circumstances' had 'changed'.

Speaking to staff in a town hall, Clarke explained his reasoning behind the change of heart, listing out quiet quitters, and unmotivated or distracted staff as the main culprits.

Evidently trying to spark some motivation, the CEO then told staff about one employee that he had heard took drastic measures to meet the new in-office requirement.

"I learned from one of our leaders that, in the midst of hearing this message, [they] went out and sold their family dog, which breaks my heart as someone who's been at the head of the humanization of pets movement in other businesses that we've built."

Clearlink employees were unexpectedly asked to return to the office 4 days per week, reports claim.

In another attempt, Clarke challenged his employees to give their 'blood, sweat and tears' to try and work as hard as him.

"I challenge any one of you to outwork me, but you won't," he told them on the call.

Elsewhere in the meeting, he also suggested that mothers who are trying to juggle childcare and a full-time job are out of their depth.

"In some ways, breadwinning mothers were hit the very hardest by this pandemic," he said, starting off empathetically before doing a total 180.

"Many of you have tried to tend your own children and also manage your demanding work schedules and responsibilities.

"While I know you're doing your best, some would say they've even mastered this art, one could also argue that generally this path is neither fair to your employer nor fair to those children.

"I don't necessarily believe that, but I do believe that only the rarest of full-time caregivers can also be a productive and full-time employee at the same time."

Clarke also commented on 'breadwinning mothers'.

After a video of the virtual meeting has been shared to YouTube and Reddit, the backlash quickly ensued.

"Oh my God, this is worse than I expected," commented one Redditor.

"F**k that, my dogs mean more to me than a job," wrote another.

While a third added: "As someone who volunteers for a dog rescue, this statement kills me in so many ways."

UNILAD has contacted Clearlink for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Clearlink

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