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Black Cat Named Jinx Elected Mayor Of Town Named 'Hell'

Black Cat Named Jinx Elected Mayor Of Town Named 'Hell'

The cat became mayor for a day before later being 'impeached' over the phone

A cute black cat named Jinx became the mayor of Hell for one day - sounds like a perfect match to me. 

The town of Hell in Michigan has a population of just 72 people and offers people the chance to put themselves forward to be Mayor of Hell for a day or even an hour. 

The latest to step up to the role is Jinx, an adorable cat that has more than 700,000 followers on TikTok and 402,000 on Instagram

Jinx the cat lives in California with her owner Mia, who rescued her in 2018. 

Jinx was 'impeached' later the same day.

As the kitty grew, Mia noticed that she had unusually large eyes and paws but is otherwise fit and healthy. 

Speaking to Newsweek, she said: “She had big eyes and as she grew bigger, her eyes didn't get smaller and I also noticed she had big feet. She doesn't have a condition and the vet says she's healthy.

“She just has these birth defects. She's also not as agile as most cats and is a little clumsy. She only learned how to land on her feet a year ago.”

Jinx the cat became mayor of Hell.

Due to her cat’s popularity, Mia asked her social media followers if there was any way the cute kitty could become mayor and was informed that anyone can become mayor of Hell for a day, as long as they pay a $100 fee to the township - or a $25 dollar fee if they just want to be mayor for an hour. 

Speaking on Twitch last Thursday, Mia explained: “Jinx is going to be mayor in three days.”

Fans suggested Jinx could be rewarded with treats for taking up office for the day, while Mia claimed the cat wanted something a little more special. 

“She also wants big murals of her and the mandatory following of her social media,” she joked. 

Reverend Vonn of Hell, who announced Jinx’s mayorship over the phone, said: “We love our in-person and distant mayors. 

“They get to have one Helluva fun day and at the end of it, will receive the dreaded phone call to be impeached.”

She was officially made mayor at 4:00pm on Sunday (24 April) and was ‘impeached’ later the same day. 

As part of the deal, Jinx received a t-shirt, mug and a mayoral proclamation certificate. She will also be given her own square-inch of land in Hell.

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Featured Image Credit: @bigfootjinx/Instagram

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