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Horror as bull runs into crowd halfway through rodeo show

Horror as bull runs into crowd halfway through rodeo show

People were forced to run to safety to dodge the charging bull

Crowds of people at a rodeo show in Australia were sent running for their safety after a bull charged into them.

On Saturday (27 May) night, a crowd of visitors to the Top End Mustering Rodeo in Kununurra were forced to flee from the charging bull as footage from the rodeo showed the moment it runs into them.

According to 9News, a young girl and a man in his 30s were taken to hospital while paramedics on the scene treated a number of minor injuries at the rodeo event in the Western Australian outback.

A large crowd of people were inside the bullpen line dancing as part of the rodeo when the bull got in and started charging at people, resulting in many members of the crowd running for safety.

Footage of the bull shows it running into the pen and largely disappearing into the crowd, with its impact being seen clearer in the reaction of the people in the pen as they begin to run to safety.

A crowd of people were line dancing at a rodeo when a bull got into the pen and started running around.
Radio 6PR

One visitor to the rodeo said he'd seen his seven-year-old and two-year-old children into the bullpen to join in with the people line dancing to a rendition of 'Take Me Home, Country Road' while he watched from nearby.

The local man told Radio 6PR he'd jumped into the bullpen to get his kids after watching the incident unfold from a nearby picnic spot.

He said: "Next thing I heard a lot of screaming and running and saw a bull bucking around in there.

"It didn't take long for the people inside the ring to see it and start screaming and trying to get away from it. That's when I jumped over the fence to find my two-year-old and seven-year-old."

"It was pretty frightening for a lot of parents and a lot of children.

"It was like from a movie script."

People in the bullpen ran to get away from the bull, while others rushed to the scene to help their children get out.
Radio 6PR

A spokesperson for Kununurra Campdraft and Rodeo Association told 9 News that after the incident, the bull had been 'swiftly and professionally' removed from the area by experts.

They said: "The KCRA is committed to the safety and welfare of attendees, participants and animals, and works hard to ensure their event strictly adheres to the code of practice for the conduct of rodeos, which is a requirement of the Western Australian government."

An investigation into the incident is ongoing as officials look to get to the bottom of how it happened.

Featured Image Credit: 9News/Radio 6PR

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