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You can now have lunch with a dead relative
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You can now have lunch with a dead relative

Brunched By An Angel - yes really - is coming to Las Vegas in November, featuring mediums, mimosas, and the mysteries of the spirit world

A new show opening in Las Vegas claims to offer attendees the opportunity to have a bite to eat with the spirits of their dead relatives.

No really, that’s actually how they are pitching this.

Whether or not you believe in the idea of communing with spirits or the supernatural in any way, shape, or form, this is a seriously millennial way of doing it.

If you don’t believe in any of this sort of thing, you’re in for a giggle at least, because this event is most certainly one of a kind.

Named Brunched by an Angel, the event has been organized and put together by three of the world’s ‘leading mediums'.

Whether or not you can be a world leader in something that many consider to be absolute tripe is up for debate, but this is Las Vegas after all, things don’t always have to be true to bring in the money.

The three mediums who will present Brunched by an Angel.
Brunched by an Angel

Brunched By An Angel will kick off on November 12 and continue until the following day, with two shows in each day, one at a brunchier time of 10am, with another later in the day at 1:30pm, which is more like a lunch date, in truth.

You’ll get some food, and possibly a mimosa or drink of your choice as well, whilst the three spirit guides try to contact the dead and intercede on your behalf.

In case you’re wondering what to expect more than that, the Visit Las Vegas website gives this insight: “Brunched By An Angel, the first-ever Las Vegas production show that will allow guests to brunch with their dearly departed, will make its spiritual debut at KAOS inside Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas.

“Brunched By An Angel is spearheaded by three of the world’s best psychic mediums who will connect with the spirits of the audience’s loved ones who have passed away.

“Each medium possesses their own special gifts to reach the departed, and the trio includes Reginald Lewis, Loriann Mans and Christopher Allen.”

On their website, the organizers of the show describe it as an opportunity for ‘VIPs [to] dine with the RIPs’.

Yep, very good.

Furthermore, the event also claims to offer ‘the best odds for anyone that has ever hoped of getting a reading from a celebrity medium’.

The event takes place at the KAOS inside Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas.
Brunched by an Angel

It continues: “Each show will begin with a musical set and brunch, followed by a live gallery read whereby Lewis, Mans and Allan will connect directly with audience members.

“For those looking for an even better chance to be read, A VIP experience will be available for eight tables per show and a seat will be left empty for one of the psychic mediums to sit with a group guaranteeing someone at that table will be read.

“No other psychic medium show gives the audience better odds at getting read, but isn’t that what Vegas is all about, the best odds?”

Well, with prices starting from $75, who could turn down that opportunity?

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