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'Brieing' is a bizarre MDMA trend among middle-aged women

'Brieing' is a bizarre MDMA trend among middle-aged women

Everybody loves a bit of cheese, but it seems some people like adding MDMA to theirs.

'Brieing' is a bizarre trend where people stick MDMA tablets inside cheese and scoff the lot to get an unusually delicious high.

While most people would imagine there's little to it beyond popping a pill, for the narcotics connoisseurs out there it turns out that MDMA wrapped in cheese is apparently the way to go.

Brie is presumably chosen for its lovely gooey consistency on the inside, making it easy to push an MDMA capsule inside without wrecking the cheese or squishing the tablet into pieces.

According to Vice, brieing has been pretty popular among drug-taking middle aged women, with some even getting involved in 'brieing parties', which basically sounds like a cheese tasting session that gets really weird.

It should be pointed out that MDMA is illegal in many countries, and eating it with cheese like a drugged up Wallace and Gromit doesn't make it any less so.

That's some nice brie you've got there, would be a shame if someone filled it up with MDMA.
Fudio / Alamy Stock Photo

One woman who confessed to having 'brieing' parties told Metro: "Our friend had been given a gram of MDMA by her daughter and we had no idea how to take it, as, though some of us had taken coke before we had not taken MDMA.

"I phoned my son who told us not to sniff it but to swallow it, so we wrapped some of the powder in a cigarette paper and put it in Brie and all took some each.

"It was such an intense experience. I am sure most of us at that party have done it with other friends so now wrapping MDMA in Brie seems to be a thing now."

Oddly enough, it might not just be the MDMA that'd get you in trouble as people have been convicted over cheese related offences as well, including two women who were jailed for buying an 'obscene' amount of the stuff.

In the Netherlands criminal gangs have even been robbing dairy farms of huge quantities of cheese to the point that farmers are 'terrified' of being targeted by the dastardly dairy-nabbing delinquents.

As for 'brieing', the idea behind it isn't really new at all, though sticking drugs inside cheese has traditionally been the purview of pet owners who need their beloved animal companion to take a their medicine without noticing.

Hiding drugs inside cheese isn't a new one for humans either, as smuggled drugs are occasionally sniffed out and found to have been stashed inside cheese in an attempt to conceal them, which doesn't seem to work very well.

Don't stick MDMA in cheese, it's still very illegal and a waste of good brie.
nigel dodds / Alamy Stock Photo

Then again why would you even need to MDMA when it spoils a lovely bit of cheese that's perfectly fine to have all by itself?

Some studies have suggested cheese triggers the same parts of the brain as taking hard drugs so perhaps everyone would be better off if they just ditched the drugs and chomped down on more cheese.

You can keep your drugs and fancy ways of taking them, when it comes to having a good time nothing beats a lovely selection of quality cheeses.

Meanwhile, MDMA could find other uses as potential 'love drugs' in development, as small quantities of the stuff could help struggling couples stay together or even ignite that initial spark of romance.

Who knows, maybe one day brieing will end up being a romantic activity?

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