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Woman claims no one will enter her home with used coffins in because of her 'ghost' flatmate

Woman claims no one will enter her home with used coffins in because of her 'ghost' flatmate

She keeps ouija boards, coffins and photos of dead people in her home

A paranormal investigator has revealed that nobody wants to visit her home, because she has a 'ghost' flatmate.

Not only does Beckie-Ann Galentine, 31, claim her home is haunted by a spirit, but her freaky belongings have put people off visiting.

The American is a full-time paranormal investigator and licensed embalmer, and keeps ouija boards, used coffins and photographs of dead people in her home. Check out some of her creepy possessions below:

Beckie-Ann's love of all things occult and eerie began at a young age.

She used to play in her parent's antique store and she would often spend time going through items belonging to the recently deceased.

Whilst she believes she experienced psychic dreams and doors violently slamming around her initially, her first true paranormal experience came in 2009 when she saw a light entity in a local cemetery, near to where a familial tragedy had occurred.

One of the Victorian hair wreaths in Beckie-Ann's home.

Now, Beckie-Ann, who lives in Connecticut in the US, believes the supernatural is in her home after guests have reported seeing figures, and experiencing sleep paralysis and lights turning off.

However, Beckie-Ann isn't fazed, as she said: "I can't think of anything closer to the being of someone than holding some of their most sentimental and close belongings.

"[In my house] I have everything from mourning cards and post-mortem photographs to early books on the occult."

Almost everything in Beckie-Ann’s home has been thrifted, including a number of used coffins. Whilst Beckie-Ann feels her unusual coffins give the home a far more personal touch, they're not always a hit with guests.

Beckie-Ann believes she has a 'ghost' flatmate living in her home.

Beckie-Ann said: "I have heard it all – some people are inspired by it while others say they would never step foot in my home."

Her ouija boards have been one thing that guests have commented on.

Beckie-Ann explained: "The boards do a pretty good job of staying out of trouble; when they aren't actively being used there's no risk or open connection. There's a ton of lore surrounding them that, after a decade, I don't find any truth to.

"I do have one board that has a handprint worn into it. The first day it came home my friend put his hand on the handprint spot and the lights turned off."

Coffins, ouija boards and human hair wreaths are some of the decor in Beckie-Ann's home.

Human hair in the home has also had some unusual effects for guests. Beckie-Ann said: "Everyone in the house once had sleep paralysis after I brought home a hair wreath that we tried to clean up.

"Someone had a nightmare of her standing over them, so we thought it was best to leave her as she was found and have not had a problem since."

She concluded: "I don't fear spirits and believe they can be anywhere, not just prescribed haunted locations.

The ouija boards adorn the walls in Beckie-Ann's home,
The ouija boards adorn the walls in Beckie-Ann's home,

"They can pass through your own home, regardless of the objects you bring in or the age.

"Treat them with respect and as if they are human and it shouldn't be an issue.”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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