Areas With More Heavy Metal Bands Have People Living Longer, Healthier Lives, Study Claims

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Areas With More Heavy Metal Bands Live Longer, Healthier Lives, Study ClaimsAlamy

A study has found that areas with more heavy metal bands have lower rates of mortality and hospital admission.

Metallica and Black Sabbath fans rejoice, as the music you love may be good for your health. That’s right, if you live near a lot of heavy metal bands, you might live longer— according to a new study.

The study was conducted by Professor Pekka Martikainen, doctoral student Kaarina Korhonen and university researcher Lasse Tarkiainen.


It centred on 311 municipalities in Finland with the objective of finding association between the ‘area level density of heavy metal bands’ and ‘specific hospital admissions and mortality’.

The researchers shared their findings from the longitudinal study, with their main conclusion being that there is ‘no evidence for adverse health outcomes’ with exposure to heavy metal bands. In fact, the study suggest the opposite may be true.

The conclusion stated:

The study found no evidence for adverse health outcomes with increasing density of heavy metal bands. Cities with a high density of heavy metal bands showed slightly lower rates of mortality and of hospital admissions for alcohol related problems and self-harm.

James Hetfield MetallicaPA

However, there were some drawbacks to the study that were also noted.

The conclusion continued:

Although residual confounding remains a problem in observational studies, vibrant local heavy metal scenes—comparable to many other forms of cultural capital—might help to promote health through healthier lifestyles, better coping mechanisms, and a stronger sense of community.

The findings were shared by enthusiasts to Twitter, with Alistair Coleman pointing out the importance of the research.

His tweet read, ‘Important new research in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal (@bmj_latest) on the connection between the density of Heavy Metal bands in Finland and mortality.’

Guess we’ll be moving to a metal-head area.

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