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Diner furious over Steve Irwin’s zoo charging $17 for a 'miserable' cheeseburger

Diner furious over Steve Irwin’s zoo charging $17 for a 'miserable' cheeseburger

A Reddit user posted a picture of their burger at Australia Zoo, which cost them AU $17

A diner has shared their disappointment online after being charged AU $17 (US $11.80; £9.60) for a ‘miserable’ cheeseburger at Australia Zoo, reminding others of the terrible catering a certain doomed music festival.

Whenever you go to a zoo, theme park, concert venue or airport, you'll accept that your food and drink options often won’t be the cheapest – as anyone will know if they remember their parents muttering something about ‘daylight robbery’ as they handed them an ice cream as a kid.

But it wasn’t just the price that left Reddit users were left in shock recently, after someone posted a picture of their burger at Australia Zoo, owned by the family of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.

Australia Zoo.
Genevieve Vallee/Alamy Stock Photo

“This is what passes as $17 double cheese burger at Australia Zoo,” they wrote, with the photo showing two dry burgers sadly flopped onto a bread bun.

The post racked up 3,900 upvotes, along with hundreds of comments from appalled Redditors – with one describing the sight as ‘miserable and atrocious’.


“Didn’t realise the caterers from Fyre had come to Australia,” another joked.

Someone else said: “On top of everything else that’s wrong… WHERE THE F**K IS THE CHEESE?”

The burger cost them AU $17.

A fourth said they ‘loved’ the zoo but ‘truly hated the food’ when they visited, while a fifth added: “Zoos, airports and concerts are criminal for food prices and quality.”

Some people encouraged others to simply take their own food, with one advising that you will ‘never regret homemade Vegemite sangas’.

"This is why I stop at the little bakery just before Australia Zoo,” another said, adding: “They have really good pies.”

According to Australia Zoo’s website, its dining venues are located throughout the site and ‘cater for a wide variety of tastes’, all offering ‘an extensive menu of fresh, hot and cold food and drinks’.

The Crikey Cafe at Australia Zoo.
Australia Zoo

The Crikey Cafe serves a number of ‘delicious crowd favourites, including burgers, pizza, hot chips, sandwiches, sushi, salads and many more', while The Laughing Frog Lolly Shop has more than 300 different types of lollies to choose from, along with various ice-cream flavours.

There’s also the Africa Kiosk selling coffee, pies, drinks and ice creams, and the nearby Warrior Restaurant and Bar, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

UNILAD has reached out to Australia Zoo for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Simke11/Picture Partners/Alamy

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