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Plus-Sized Woman Calls Out Theme Parks For Not Catering To Larger People

Plus-Sized Woman Calls Out Theme Parks For Not Catering To Larger People

“I used all the test seats that I could find, which most people don't have to do"

A plus-sized woman has called out theme parks for not catering to larger people, saying it's important to 'make spaces inclusive for all bodies and accessibility needs'.

Heather O’Neill, 26, from Kent, said the fact that she is size 24-26 left her nearly cancelling a recent trip to Thorpe Park over fears she wouldn't be able to fit in the seats.

To raise awareness on the issue, the roller coaster lover filmed her experience at Thorpe Park, sharing videos on TikTok of her trying out the different test seats.

Take a look at her experience below:

Although she found the majority of ride seats were suitable - including the likes of Stealth and Nemesis Inferno - she didn't fit in the Samurai ride seats but was still able to go on the ride.

Heather was also unable to try out Colossus – one of the park's most famous attractions.

Speaking to NTK, she said: “I tried to go on Colossus anyway – didn’t fit but staff were really nice and discreet and gave me a fast pass to another ride, so not bad.”

She added: "The fact that I even have to think about if I will fit the rides is the first difference [in being a plus size customer].

“The feeling nervous before going, the pushing the seat down trying to get it to close. Worrying about how safe the ride will be for me, after that poor man died on a ride in America."

Heather O’Neill said she nearly didn't go to Thorpe Park over fears of not being able to fit in the seats.
Jam Press

The student mental health nurse said she has the same concerns before flying, worrying about whether the seat will be too small or she'll need a seat belt extender.

“I used all the test seats that I could find, which most people don't have to do," added Heather. "But rides aren't built for plus size/fat people, it’s about accessibility and making spaces inclusive for all bodies and accessibility needs."

But Heather confirmed the issue had nothing to do with the staff, who she described as 'helpful and kind'.

The problem, she explained, is that 'society isn’t built for anyone who is outside of society's norm of straight, able bodied and slim', whether that be theme parks, aeroplanes or buses.

The 26-year-old said the staff were kind and discreet.
Jam Press

Numerous people thanked the TikToker for highlighting the issue, with one writing: "Thank you for normalising this! No one should miss out because of the anxiety this creates!"

Another said: "Wish they could put test seats in a booth or something, not out in the open. I'd get so anxious having to do it in front of ppl."

“I’m so so grateful for this," commented a third. "I would have NEVER gone to a theme park before but might just have to try now!"

Others were happy to see theme parks introducing test seats, including this person who wrote: "I went to Alton Towers years ago and it was humiliating having to get off rides instead."

People thanked Heather for raising awareness on the issue.
Jam Press

A spokesperson for Thorpe Park said of the issue: "At Thorpe Park Resort, we care deeply about creating magical experiences that are inclusive for all of our guests. 

"We have always strived to create accessible attractions where people can be themselves and enjoy fun experiences together. 

"From team training to listening to guest feedback, our priority is always focused on ensuring every one of our guests enjoys a magical day out with us at the UK’s most thrilling theme park."

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Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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