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16-year-old mum speaks out after her baby was seen vaping in shocking video
Featured Image Credit: 7News

16-year-old mum speaks out after her baby was seen vaping in shocking video

The teen mother claims she has received death threats in the wake of the viral social media clip.

A teenage mother has spoken out after her baby boy was filmed sucking on a vape.

The 16-year-old has since revealed that it was supposed to be a silly joke amongst friends.

She told The Daily Telegraph she had no idea anyone was filming the incident and didn't know it would be put on social media.

"I wish I didn’t do it, but I never meant to hurt him. I would never hurt him," she said to News Corp.

“I’d never done it before.

"I don’t even smoke near him, I’m always careful of that stuff."

The mum, from the New South Wales Mid North Coast, revealed it was only meant to be a joke.

"I put the vape up near him and I never thought he would grab it, I thought he‘d push it away," she said.

She added it would be the first and last time her vape would ever go near her 11-month-old son.

The girl's mother explained that the 16-year-old is on her own with the baby and is trying her best to be a good mum, despite her young age.

"It’s not easy for her, she’s 16 and she’s on her own, but I’ve been there since his birth and I’m helping her," the teen's mother told The Daily Telegraph.

"She’s trying her best and she is a good mum."

NSW Police has confirmed charges will not be laid against the teenager.

The 16-year-old claims to have received death threats and harrassing calls since her massive mistake went out on social media.

"I know I did the wrong thing, but what people are saying to me and writing is full on, I don’t deserve that," she said.

Police confirmed to UNILAD last week that officers did attend a home in Kempsey in relation to the incident on Tuesday (February 28) following a concern-for-welfare report regarding the 11-month-old boy.

The baby can be seen coughing and spluttering after inhaling from the vape.

"Police have spoken with the child’s family and – following advice provided by medical professionals and other governmental agencies – no further police action will be taken," a police spokesperson confirmed to UNILAD.

A family member, who spoke to 7NEWS on the condition of anonymity, condemned their relative for her actions.

"It’s honestly putrid, like, I will not say that it’s not because it is," the relative said.

"I removed my [younger relative] from that situation."

UNILAD reached out to NSW Police in relation to the death threats received by the teen and if any investigation is taking place into the threats allegedly made against her.

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