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Skrillex shows off dramatic new look and fans are stunned
Featured Image Credit: Featureflash Archive/Alamy Stock Photo/@skrillex/Instagram

Skrillex shows off dramatic new look and fans are stunned

Fans have said the DJ has done a '180' with his appearance

Skrillex fans have had a field day making comparisons after the American DJ showed off a dramatic new look to the world.

Most dubstep, electric dance or house music fans will have an idea in their mind of what Skrillex looks like, and chances are it will be exactly what comes up when you search the DJ's name on Google.

The 34-year-old stepped on to the scene in the Noughties before being nominated for the BBC's Sound of 2012 poll and receiving the title of MTV's Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year in 2011.

Skrillex was previously recognisable thanks to his long hair.
Image Press Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

He's been recognisable for years thanks to his asymmetrical haircut, which was shaved on one side and long on the other, as well as his square-rimmed glasses and stretcher expanding the lobe of one ear.

This is still mostly how he's pictured online, but Twitter has blown up in the last few hours as a new, almost entirely unrecognisable Skrillex burst onto the scene.

Skrillex's new look comes as he dropped two new singles.

The image in question has been floating around for a few days as the DJ released two new tracks, 'Rumble', with Fred Again and Flowdan, and more recently 'Way Back', which features PinkPantheress and Trippie Redd.

But while unlucky for some, Friday 13th proved great for Skrillex as his image was suddenly shared far and wide - no bad thing when you've got two new tracks to promote.

Gone is the half long-haired, half short-haired Skrillex of the past, and here is a man with entirely symmetrical hair cut short and slicked back on his head.

Fans have been left stunned by the transformation.
@MediumSizeMeech/Twitter/Marilyn Hue/Warner Music Group

He's still got the stretchers, but he appears to have ditched the glasses and is now accessorising his face with a smattering of dark stubble.

The DJ has obviously had a photoshoot to show off his new look, and it's definitely succeeded in capturing people's attention.

Skrillex reveals new look.
@leenewtonsays/Twitter/Marilyn Hue/Warner Music Group

Many fans have praised his transformation, with one writing: "Why does Skrillex look so fine now HOLD UP," though others have been unable to resist comparing the musician to some other well-known faces.

"If you ever wanted to know what the love child of Liam and Zayn from One Direction looks like… it’s Skrillex," one Twitter user wrote.

Another commented: "Skrillex now looks like if Jon Snow got a stylist."

Skrillex doesn't appear to have publicly addressed his new look, instead letting it speak for itself.

Still, it's definitely done a great job of getting people talking, and might be worth noting as a great publicity technique if you're about to drop any new tracks of your own.

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