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Conservative commentator wants Kid Rock to drop an album on same day as Taylor Swift to 'outsell and outclass her'

Conservative commentator wants Kid Rock to drop an album on same day as Taylor Swift to 'outsell and outclass her'

After Taylor Swift announced new album Midnights, Nick Adams said he wanted Kid Rock to drop a record on the same day

Conservative commentator Nick Adams has said he wants Kid Rock to release an album on the same day as Taylor Swift so that he can ‘outsell and outclass’ the 32-year-old.  

Earlier this week, Swift announced new album Midnights, having revealed all during her speech at the MTV Video Music Awards as she accepted an accolade for Video of the Year. She then shared more detail on Instagram, writing: "Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight."

But while many fans were excited for Swift's forthcoming new work, other people weren't quite so hyped – with Australian-born American conservative political commentator Nick Adams wishing her nothing but failure, tweeting to say he hoped another US star would outsell her.

"Kid Rock should release a new album the same day as Taylor Swift," he wrote.

“People are craving real music with thought-provoking and emotional lyrics. Who better to give it to them than Kid Rock? 

“I GUARANTEE his album would outsell and outclass hers!” 

After he started trending on Twitter, Adams shared a video to discuss the matter further, captioning the clip: “Kid Rock is an American bad a*s alpha male and Taylor Swift is an American embarrassment and the world’s largest polluter. I stand by every word!” 

In the footage, Adams described Swift as a ‘woke fraud’, saying: “Kid Rock is a bad a*s American alpha male patriot who stands with President Trump and stands with real America. 

“On the other hand, Taylor Swift is a woke fraud, much in the same way that Harry Styles is. I don’t have any time for Taylor Swift because she’s the world’s largest polluter – she's destroying our environment. The lady uses a private jet to pick up her coffee, only to get off the jet and then tell us and lecture us on how awful we are about climate change. 

“So, when it comes to Taylor, I’m sorry to say, other than looking at her, I don’t really see all that much great there.” 

In a follow-up tweet, he also went on to encourage parents to raise their kids to be like Kid Rock and Kyle Rittenhouse – the 19-year-old who was acquitted after fatally shooting two men and injuring another during a 2020 protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, having pleaded self-defence. 

“Raise your children to be like Kid Rock and Kyle Rittenhouse, NOT Taylor Swift and Harry Styles!” Adams wrote. 

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