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Woman who lost nearly 200 pounds surprises Drake by throwing her underwear on stage
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/GLAMZILLA

Woman who lost nearly 200 pounds surprises Drake by throwing her underwear on stage

Stephanie Valentine wanted to celebrate her milestone in a unique way.

A woman has celebrated her body transformation by throwing her underwear at Drake while he was on stage.

Stephanie Valentine shed 175 pounds in the past year and a half, revealing that she feels more ‘confident’ than ever.

She said she can now experience things she could never enjoy, including a Drake concert.

Stephanie, who has over 1.8 million followers on TikTok, captured a video of herself while attending the ‘Passionfruit’ singer’s show in New York.

In the TikTok video that has now amassed 1.6 million views, Stephanie holds up her former underwear and says: “These used to be my panties and tonight, I'm throwing them at Drake.”

The clip then jumps to Stephanie ironing the words 'Drake likes his girls BBW (Big Beautiful Women)' onto her underwear.

“Ok here’s the final pantie. Now I’m headed to New York,” she adds.

The TikToker then records herself hurling the panties at the Canadian during his ‘In My Feelings’ set.

Her underwear lands on the ground before Drake picks them up and holds them to the crowd, leaving Stephanie completely stunned.

In a follow-up TikTok, Stephanie explains the reason why she left the singer a token of love.

“So I lost 175 pounds, and this year I said, ‘I'm going to experience concerts', because before, I didn't fit in the concert chair. When I stood all night, my knees, my ankles, and my whole leg would be sore for a week, and I hated concerts because of that," she says.

“So this year, I sat in the 200s, the 300s, the 100s, I sat in row one, seat one, and then the floor, to really experience a concert.

“If I was going to go front row at a Drake concert, absolutely I would throw my bra and panties at him.

“'And I know there has been people saying, ‘Ugh, disgusting', but you what, I feel so liberated, I feel so free, and I feel so confident.”

Many users applauded Stephanie for new found confidence.

One person wrote: “I'm super proud of you. I've watched your journey and think you are an inspiration.”

Another said: “You are an amazing human being.”

While a third shared: “Good for you. Have the best time ever.”

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