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Warner Music accused of 'sexualizing' virtual pop star after signing world-first record deal

Warner Music accused of 'sexualizing' virtual pop star after signing world-first record deal

Record execs have tried to jazz up the music industry by signing virtual artist Noonoouri, but the move has led many fans to sound off

Warner Music has signed its first-ever digital popstar, but some music fans are far from happy.

Created in 2018, the avatar named Noonoouri has already released her first single ‘Dominoes’ and has over 60,000 views on YouTube.

Despite this, many have accused the label of ‘sexualising’ the singer’s body.

Music lovers aren't happy about new artist Noonoouri.

Created by 43-year-old graphic designer Joerg Zuber, the avatar started life as a digital influencer in the Metaverse. (Thanks Zuckerberg).

Much like the real-life influencers, Noonoouri’s popularity rapidly grew and she went on to feature in campaigns by designer brands like Balenciaga, Dior and Valentino.

Though she seems to have taken on a life of her own, there are still plenty of real people involved behind the scenes.

In fact, her creator uses motion capture tech to give her Dua Lipa-worthy dance moves with CGI artists then animating her.

Her voice is also modified from a human’s, which was recorded and modified using generative AI to give it a distinct raspiness.

While the clever tech has impressed over 400,000 people on Instagram, many users have slammed Noonoouri’s ‘childlike’ appearance.

They’ve also sounded off about the alleged sexualisation of Noonoouri, with the character often dressed in skimpy bikinis and even SKIMS shapewear.

The artist has many people concerned over her 'childish' look.

Taking to X, music fans have been venting about the digital artist.

One even wrote: “Why did they make her look like a child? This is the look Warner wants to be associated with?”

Referring to her recent record deal with Warner, another added: “Just when I thought they couldn't sink lower.”

A third user claimed that Noonoouri was eerily similar to other popstars, saying: “They stole every aspect of Cherri, the choreography, the voice, the style. And to top it off, gave her the body of a 12-year-old. Real classy.”

Though Warner Music has yet to comment on the character’s controversial look, it did release a statement about the new signing.

A spokesperson for Warner Music Central Europe said: “Noonoouri is a long-standing digital character who we’ve signed to a record deal.

“She’s not AI-generated, though AI-assisted tech was used to help create her singing voice.

“Talented songwriters and musicians wrote and recorded her debut track Dominoes, and we can’t wait for fans to discover it.”

UNILAD has reached out to Warner Music for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@noonoouri

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