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Travis Scott fans cringe at rapper's reaction to not being recognized in Japan
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@kirawontmiss

Travis Scott fans cringe at rapper's reaction to not being recognized in Japan

He went viral for all the wrong reasons

While most celebrities don't want to be recognised in public, it appears as if Travis Scott is the opposite.

The rapper has previously voiced his love of Japan and, in a 2021 tweet, he penned: "I can't wait to come back to Japan. I haven't been in so long."

Fast forward to last year and the 'Highest in the Room' hitmaker made his own wishes come true and jetted back to the East Asian country.

Undeniably, between 2021 and 2023, Scott's fame increased tenfold. From welcoming a second child with ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner to the release of his album UPTOPIA, the 32-year-old had a busy couple of years.

But, despite being more famous than ever, it appears as if he's yet to be properly recognised in countries like Japan.

In a now-viral video shared to social media, Scott - real name Jacques Bermon Webster II - appears to stop for a quick photoshoot in the middle of a busy road (as you do).

Initially, the music star has his hood up, but he pulls it down, pauses for effect and... well, nobody flinched. He could have easily been Bryan from down the street walking his dog for the second time that day.

Nobody seemed to spot the famous rapper.

While the rapper tries to brush off the moment with a smile as he heads back to his crew, it’s still a bit of an embarrassing moment as he does the ultimate walk of shame.

And the clip has gone viral after a user by the name of @kirawontmiss uploaded it to X on 2 April, 2023.

They wrote in the caption: "This gotta be so embarrassing."

The viral video has since been viewed by over 13 million people and shared 7,700 times on the platform.

Some of the responses to the video on social media were pretty brutal, with one person writing: “bro had a hoodie n errything tryna make a big reveal for it to backfire [sic]."

While another said: “it’s the pause before he turns back around and realises no one cares."


Travis Scott has had four number-one hits in the US.
Aaron J. Thornton/WireImage

One viewer also claimed that many Japanese rap fans probably wouldn’t recognise Scott as he’s struggled to make the Top 50 in the Asian music charts.

They said: “The only Western artists who could stand there and be recognized are Justin B, Ariana, Taylor, Rihanna and a few others. idk why he thought they’d know him when he doesn’t even have chart entries there, the secondhand embarrassment.”

However, not everyone has been so harsh, with one user saying that they wouldn’t notice if a celeb walked by because they are ‘bad at people’s faces’.

Elsewhere, many said that it was probably nice for Scott to feel like a 'normal' person for once - but for a man who wears sunglasses indoors a lot, I personally think he secretly wanted to be spotted.

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