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Fans think Ariana Grande was 'pressured' into releasing incredibly vulnerable song about ex Mac Miller's death
Featured Image Credit: Zach Sang Show/Shutterstock

Fans think Ariana Grande was 'pressured' into releasing incredibly vulnerable song about ex Mac Miller's death

Fans are wondering whether the singer was pushed into sharing the heartfelt track

Fans are under the impression that Ariana Grande was 'pressured' into releasing an incredibly vulnerable song about her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's death.

Calling out Grande's manager, Scooter Braun, fans were quick to point out that the 'Bang Bang' singer once 'begged' him not to release it.

However, others seem to think it wasn't all the manager's doing.

Grande and Miller first met back in 2012, with the pair releasing their hit track 'The Way' together just a year later.

While rumours started circulating after the music video and some flirty tweets, the duo finally made it official in 2016.

The 'Side to Side' star confirmed the news via Instagram, posting a photo of her laughing while holding Miller in a headlock with the caption: "Baabyyy."

The couple went on to date for another year or so before splitting up in May 2018.

Tragedy struck just a few months later when Miller, after battling with his mental health for a while, was found unresponsive at his Los Angeles home in September.

A Los Angeles County coroner confirmed that the cause of death was an accidental overdose of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol.

Since then, Grande has put out many tributes to her late-ex-boyfriend through her music including 'Thank U, Next' and 'Ghostin'.

The latter, however, contained extremely emotional sentiments about the rapper, which Grande was allegedly 'pressured' to put out, with many pointing to Braun as the villain.

Grande was allegedly 'pressured' to release the song 'Ghostin'.

One fan claimed on social media that the manager 'really is horrible'.

"[He] pressured Ariana Grande into releasing 'Ghostin', an extremely personal song about her feelings about Mac Miller’s passing and how she felt toward Pete during the time," they claimed.

"Ariana said she begged Scooter not to release this song."

Lyrics of the song see the singer reflecting on how 'understanding' her boyfriend at the time, Pete Davidson, was during the whole situation.

Later in the track, she revealed that she wished Miller was with her instead of Davidson.

She sang: "Though I wish he were here instead / Don't want that living in your head."

"It was a lot. It was too much, actually. "

Soon after it was released, the singer admitted to fans that she didn’t want the track to ever be made public.

In an interview on the Zach Sang Show, Grande said: "It was a lot. It was too much, actually.

"I was literally begging Scooter to take it off. And he was like: ‘You're thinking too hard now. This is special and you should share it with everybody.'"

She added: "And I was like: 'I’m just gonna let go,'

"I wanted to take a couple of things off the album. But I ended up just keeping most of them."

The clip from 2019 has since resurfaced on TikTok, with many fans outraged at the manager's decision.

"Beautiful song but Scooter is the worst for pushing her to keep it on the album when she didn’t want to," commented one TikTok user.

Zach Sang Show

A second echoed: "I feel so bad for her. 'Ghostin' is so beautiful and special but the meaning is sad and personal. I hate pushy people like Scooter."

Others however, defended Braun's choice.

"He didn't force her?" claimed one TikTok user, "he just said that the song was very special and she should share it with the world."

They continued: "Y'all are acting like Ariana has no power... she definitely does.

"Whatever she wants on the album will be on the album. Not Scooter's decision."

UNILAD has reached out to a member of Scooter Braun's team for comment.

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