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Lip reader reveals what Taylor Swift said when NFL cameras panned to her again
Featured Image Credit: CBS

Lip reader reveals what Taylor Swift said when NFL cameras panned to her again

The NFL cameras have frequently been focusing on Taylor Swift and her relationship with Kansas City Chief's star Travis Kelce.

Social media users are weighing in on what Taylor Swift said when caught on NFL cameras.

Apparently gone are the days where you can sit peacefully watching a football game, minding your own business and not being recorded while doing so.

Alas, being trailed by cameras has seemingly become part of the job title for Taylor Swift given her status as not only one of the world's biggest pop stars, but also now as a result of being coupled up with Kansas City Chiefs' star Travis Kelce. Catch the moment here:

NFL fans have already spoken out about Swift and Kelce's relationship taking over the coverage of the sport.

One X - formerly known as Twitter - user said: "The wall-to-wall coverage of Taylor Swift at this game is annoying AF. I don't even like football and I agree it's destroying football. Just enough."

"In case anyone didn't hear, Taylor Swift was at the game. And NBC made it r-e-a-l-l-y annoying," another added.

And while Swift definitely doesn't appreciate getting booed by spectators at the games, a clip of her caught on NFL cameras reveals the singer may possibly share a similar view to fans when it comes to her being persistently focused on in coverage.

The cameras track Taylor Swift as she joins friends.

Yesterday (28 January), the Chiefs took on the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC championship game at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, battling for a place at the Super Bowl.

And, of course, the cameras couldn't help but pan over to where Swift was standing in the crowds.

During the panning across the 'Blank Space' singer, one of Swift's companions can apparently be seen telling her she's on the big screen - and the pop star doesn't look amused.

After a few moments staring, Swift then says something and many social media users - who claim to be lip readers - believe they know what she was saying.

One user said: "Taylor Swift on-camera during a Grammys promo says, 'Go away, please'."

"Taylor Swift telling CBS to stop showing her: “Go away please. Tough spot for all those who are permanently triggered by Taylor and somehow believe she’s secretly plotting and clamoring for the NFL spotlight," another added.

However, others had different ideas.

Swift is seen saying something aloud.

A user wrote: "Nah actually she said, 'Oh it's the Grammys'."

"She says oh it’s the Grammys," a second chimes.

Another voiced: "She’s clearly reading the banner & closed captioning.. which is saying she’s going to break the record… She’s saying 'Go Grammys'."

Either way, Swift seemingly looks less than impressed with being shoved, yet again, onto the big screen.

And as a final user simply resolves: "Just leave the woman alone and let her enjoy time with her Maan, like any other GF does!"

UNILAD has contacted Taylor Swift's representatives for comment.

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