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Fragile NFL fans rip into Taylor Swift for ‘destroying the game’

Fragile NFL fans rip into Taylor Swift for ‘destroying the game’

All eyes were on the pop star as she cheered on Travis Kelce and some supporters are annoyed at all the attention.

Taylor Swift attracted a lot of attention at the NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets.

The pop star cheered on Travis Kelce's team for a second week in a row and she brought a bit more star power with her this time.

Last weekend, she was seen sitting next to the tight end's mom, Donna.

While she bonded with Mrs Kelce again, she was also seen arriving at the stadium with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Even though the Chiefs were dominating the Jets during the match, the cameras kept jumping back to Swift to see what she was up to.

The Daily Mail claims the TV broadcast cut to Taylor a whopping 17 times.

Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

That has led some fragile NFL supporters to complain that she's stealing the limelight away from all the action on the field.

Right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren said: "The wall-to-wall coverage of Taylor Swift at this game is annoying AF. I don't even like football and I agree it's destroying football. Just enough."

Another viewer added: "What’s all this hype about ? There are tens of those celebrities watch football every Sunday! Grow up people!"

A third wrote: "I love football and this is annoying AF."

A fourth commented: "In case anyone didn't hear, Taylor Swift was at the game. And NBC made it r-e-a-l-l-y annoying."

Others tried to suggest that it was all a conspiracy to get more people to watch the NFL and Swift was just being paid to be there.

But there was one interesting moment when the cameras cut to Taylor as lip readers thought they caught her saying something about Kelce.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment though, the Grammy Award winner seemed to gush about Kelce and appeared to say ‘look at him’.

She then mimicked the tight end by flexing her muscles, just as he had done whilst celebrating his team’s win.

The singer seemed to get a little over-excited though, as she playfully punched the air and ended up colliding with friend and stylist Ashley Avignone’s head.

While they’ve yet to confirm any relationship, the singer-songwriter is rumored to be dating the Kansas Chiefs player.

It will be interesting to see if she rocks up to the Chiefs' next game.

Featured Image Credit: Elsa/Getty Images.

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