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Taylor Swift fans horrified after seeing free wristband from Eras Tour on sale for ‘disgusting’ price
Featured Image Credit: Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management/ Facebook

Taylor Swift fans horrified after seeing free wristband from Eras Tour on sale for ‘disgusting’ price

Swifties have been left horrified after seeing a free wristband from her Eras Tour being sold for a very high price on Facebook Marketplace

Taylor Swift fans have been left outraged after seeing a free wristband from the singer's Eras Tour on sale for a 'disgusting' price on Facebook Marketplace.

The 'Blank Space' singer is certainly a very busy woman. When she's not watching her beau Travis Kelce win the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Swift is performing in front of packed arenas across the globe.

Most recently, Swift took to the stage at the MCG in Melbourne on Friday (16 February) in front of 96,000 people.

In fact, the show was the biggest of the 34-year-old's career so far.

However, that was not what fans have been talking about in the aftermath of the performance.

Fans in attendance in Australia were given free LED wristbands that were used in sync to create immersive visual effects at the concert.

Well, one of those in attendance decided to sell the memorabilia on Facebook Marketplace for a staggering amount, despite the fact it was given out as a free gift.

Fans have been left horrified by the price.

The attendee from Victoria placed a whopping AUD$500 (US$325) price tag on the item, something that has left much of the internet 'disgusted'.

"500?! for a flashing wristband?! Swifties really are in a world of their own," one woman posted on social media.

The Facebook Marketplace listing has quickly gone viral on the social media platform, with the majority of people not happy.

"They were literally for free at the concert," one person pointed out.

Others dubbed the listing as 'delusional', while another Facebook user penned: "Why would anyone actually buy it though, let alone spend that kind of money on it?! Like to me it's a cool memento if you actually went to the concert and enjoyed it so I get that, but if you didn't go it's kind of pointless."

Taylor Swift is currently embarking on her Eras Tour.
Graham Denholm/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

The Eras Tour never seems to be far away from the headlines, does it? But for Swift, it's been a roaring success.

In fact, the singer reached billionaire status late last year, as per a report by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg stated that her rise in financial wealth is part in due to the success of Eras Tour, which has been described by the publication as a 'Super Bowl-sized event that has spread across the entire globe', shattering many records.

According to Bloomberg, Swift is one of few entertainers to reach past a $1 billion worth from just music and performing alone.

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