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People shocked by video showing what happens beneath the stage before a singer jumps out

People shocked by video showing what happens beneath the stage before a singer jumps out

Many people admitted they would definitely screw it up if they had to follow suit

People are shocked after a video showed what happens beneath a stage before a singer jumps out, with many saying they would ABSOLUTELY muck it up if they had to do the same.

Watch the trick in action here:

It’s been more than 10 years since South Korean singer Psy became an overnight sensation after he released pop hit ’Gangnam Style’, which has had people galloping around on dance floors from the moment it debuted on 15 July 2012.

The song became one of the most famous tracks of the decade, thanks to its catchy tune and singalong lyrics – and, of course, the accompanying dance moves, which made it a wedding DJ’s ultimate dream.

And it seems Psy is still doing very well for himself, playing to huge arena crowds on a regular basis, with adoring fans going absolutely wild for the 45-year-old – who’s not lost it, either.

Psy shared a video of a particularly impressive stage entrance.

Not only is he still able to smash out those iconic dance moves, he also makes a particularly spectacular entrance by being launched onto the stage via a hatch below.

You may have seen singers rising up ethereally from beneath the stage, usually with smoke billowing around them for dramatic effect, but Psy takes it to the next level – literally – by being thrown into the air.

He posted footage on social media showing the moments before, with the star seen crouching down on the platform as the crowds awaited him.

The crowd were suitably impressed.

It then suddenly shoots up, sending him upwards and onto the stage.

Commenting on Instagram, one stunned viewer said: “Bro is loaded up on the spring board ready to FLY.”

Another lamented: “Oh man, his knees.”

A third wrote: “I would 100% clip my hand between the platform and the stage on the way up.”

A fourth joked: “Me coming back to the party after throwing up outside.”

Look at him go.

Psy is, of course, best known for that monster of a hit, which flew up the charts in more than 30 countries - earning itself second place on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and making the number 1 spot in the UK, Australia, Canada and numerous other countries - as well as gaining a Guinness World Record for the first video on YouTube to hit one billion views and earning its Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

However, he has previously revealed that its phenomenal success would go on to haunt him.

In the aftermath of his mind-boggling fame, Psy says he felt intense pressure from himself to have another successful hit.

In an interview with the New York Times, Psy said during that period he would constantly tell himself: “Let’s make just one more.”

But as anyone who has attempted to chase viral fame will tell you, it doesn’t quite work like that.

“If another good song comes along and if that thing happens again, great. If not, so be it,” he said.

“For now, I’ll do what I do in my rightful place.”

Thankfully, it looks like Psy is doing more than okay now - just look at those crowds!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@42psy42

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