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Luke Combs fan sued for $250k after selling tumblers responds to singer’s generous offer
Featured Image Credit: WFLA/LukeCombs/Instagram

Luke Combs fan sued for $250k after selling tumblers responds to singer’s generous offer

The country music star is giving the fan $11,000 dollars after his team came after her in court

Singer Luke Combs was horrified to learn that, unbeknownst to him, he'd won a $250k lawsuit against a fan - and made a generous offer to try and 'make it right'.

Nicol Harness, a country music fan and adoring follower of the sing-songwriter had decided to launch a line of Luke Combs tumblers on Amazon.

Having been inspired to produce the collection after attending one of his concerts, she had hoped that the money raised by her tumbler sales would help pay her hefty medical bills, being that she suffers with congestive heart failure.

After discovering Harness' new business venture, however, Combs' own team proceeded to go after her in court in what would become a $250,000 lawsuit.

The lawsuit had been filed in an Illinois federal court against the female Florida fan Nicol, who claimed she'd only been selling tumblers for $20, giving her a $380 total.

However, Combs later claimed he'd been left 'sick to his stomach' after waking up yesterday to discover what his team had done.

The singer-songwriter has now launched his own tumblers in an attempt to help the fan.
Taylor Hill/WireImage

The musician seemingly had no idea that a quarter-of-a-million dollar lawsuit has been launched over the tumblers.

And in a video posted to the singer's social media channels yesterday, 33-year-old Combs revealed he'd be launching his very own line of official tumblers and would be giving the proceeds to Harness to help her out with her financial troubles.

He subsequently claimed he got in contact with her after learning of her situation, during which she told him she could not access $5,500 in her Amazon account.

The star then promised to send her twice that total - $11k.

Harness was over the moon about Combs' offer.
WFLA News Channel 8

Harness's small business idea had come under fire with a court order, in a lawsuit Combs said was meant to be pursuing big corporations making hefty profits off unofficial merchandise.

Though the lawsuit appears to still be playing out in court, Combs has declared that Harness will absolutely not have to cough up $250,000.

And the doting fan has since issued a colossal thank you to Combs for all of his generosity, dubbing him a 'very nice guy, very understanding'.

"I explained to him what happened. He understood," she told WLFA News Channel 8. "I am so thankful that I called you [newsreader, Shannon Behnken], thank you so much.

"I definitely learned about the copyright laws. Now I will be more careful moving forward on what I post for sell on my store."

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