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Drake shows off his bizarre massive collection of bras that were thrown at him on tour
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@champagnepapi/TikTok/@callmejadaa

Drake shows off his bizarre massive collection of bras that were thrown at him on tour

It's an impressive collection to say the least.

People have been left astounded by just how many bras have been thrown at Drake while he's performing.

If you don't ask you don't get, but the 'One Dance' singer probably didn't expect to end up with a whole 'library' of bras when he asked audience members to keep throwing the item of clothing onstage to let him know he's 'still got it'.

As collections go, it's pretty impressive. Wait until you get a look at this.

While other celebrities were hit with items such as a phone - Bebe Rexha receiving a black eye as a result - or someone's dead mother's ashes - P!nk's experience not much better - God's Plan for Drake was apparently for the singer to receive a splattering of bras onstage throughout his It's All A Blur tour.

Despite telling the audience not to throw the lingerie during one concert in the Los Angeles leg of the tour because of his son being at the show, that hasn't seemed to have affected the massive number the Canadian rapper has gone on to collect.

And the scale of sizes became even more flabbergasting after a bra pretty much the length of the 36-year-old himself was lobbed onto the stage.

Although, Drake later revealed it was actually his dad who had sent the bra his way as a joke, an inscription coming with the item of clothing reading: "Dad's wishing you big things for you. I love you and making sure you are breastfed properly."

Drake said he would put one of the bras in his 'hall of fame'.

Showcasing his collection from the tour, Drake uploaded an image of himself on Instagram, standing in front of rows and rows of bras and bralettes with a beaming grin on his face and arms outstretched.

The caption reads: "Remember when we both forgot who the f**k I was in unison…that wavelength was def a foolish one."

If you were wondering just how many bras are lying behind the musician, it's over 250 - yes, we counted, sort of.

It's indeed a whole 'library' of bras.
Instagram/ @champagnepapi

The post has amassed over 700,000 likes, with hoards of people flooding to the comments in amazement over just how many bras Drake has amassed.

One Instagram user commented: "Praying for dude that had to lay these out. they’re organized by size."

"I just need to know is it sized biggest to smallest?," another added.

A third wrote: "Legendary!!! Haha , album cover !!"

And a final resolved: "Mans got more bras than Victoria Secret."

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