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Doja Cat's new music video cops massive criticism from Christians over 'promoting devil worship'

Stewart Perrie

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Doja Cat's new music video cops massive criticism from Christians over 'promoting devil worship'

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Doja Cat

Doja Cat has done it again.

While you might be thinking we're talking about her dropping another banger of a song, we're actually referring to her courting controversy with Christians.

The rapper has angered those who believe in God and the Devil for a few months now and she has really rammed it home with her new music video.


In 'Paint the Town Red', the rapper sings about how she's the devil and a 'demon lord'.

But if that wasn't enough, she also poses next to a Satan-looking figure as well as dressing in red while standing alongside the Grim Reaper.

It has caused a lot of pearl-clutching in the online Christian community.


Many have taken to social media to vent their frustrations and fears about a popular musician speaking about the devil.

One concerned individual wrote: "Doja Cat's new song is literally just devil worship. I'm not kidding. May God protect our children."

Another added: "What is Doja Cat’s obsession with the devil? Get this demonic heifer off my timeline. In Jesus name!"

A third noted: "She sold her soul. We can only pray for her."


However, others have stepped in to provide a nuanced perspective of what is going on in the 'Paint the Town Red' music video.

One fan commented: "She plays off the idea of dancing with the devil, which many people believe she is doing with her current image, while also fully embracing her recent controversies and opinions about her aesthetic being demonic."

A different supporter revealed: "This demon that is trying to stop the development of 'scarlet' (Doja Cat's alter ego). Scarlet's power is stronger/ bigger than the devil. That's why the demon cut off the umbilical cord trying to prevent Scarlet from forming.The devil wants to control Doja Cat. She won’t let it."


Christians were similarly outraged at Doja Cat when she showed off some new tattoos on her body.

One took up the majority of her upper back and is the skeleton of a bat, while the other was a scary-looking creature.

Loads of people said they would be unfollowing the singer as a result of the designs.

But Doja Cat was having none of it, replying to her now-former fan: "Whatever [helps] you sleep at night."


The singer also took to Twitter to address those lashing out at her.

"If ur calling me demonic honestly werk cuz like I love that u ate fr," she wrote.

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Stewart Perrie
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